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The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star and its history

June 18, 2021 9:00 PM
The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star and its history

Probably everyone knows the famous Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers. This shoe is worn all over the world by young and old. But how did this silhouette become so iconic? Read on to learn more about the history of the Chuck Taylor All Star sneaker legend.

Chuck Taylor

The Converse Rubber Shoe Company was founded as early as 1908 by Marquis Mills. He started developing shoes with rubber soles, hence the name. In 1917, the company then began developing a shoe specifically for basketball players. The company did relatively well during this time, but the number of shoes sold was not particularly impressive.

converse basketball
Graduate Store

That changed when Chuck Taylor joined the company. He saw great potential in designing the shoe for basketball players. Chuck Taylor was a basketball player for the Akron Firestones at the time and was known for his smooth words and unique marketing ideas. So he became an ambassador for Converse.

It is thanks to Chuck Taylor that this shoe was then worn by so many basketball players. Because he had contributed enormously to Converse's success, the brand decided in 1932 to name the iconic shoe after Chuck Taylor: the Chuck Taylor All Star was born.

old shoe
Vanity Fair

The Converse Chuck as a symbol of patriotism

In 1936, Chuck Taylor was given the honour of designing a shoe for the USA Olympic basketball team. He added red and blue to the white high-top model so that the shoe symbolised the United States flag.

But what led to even more success was that this model became a symbol of patriotism when the Second World War broke out a few years later. The shoe was worn by United States soldiers during training and later even became the official trainer of American soldiers.

converse ad old
Original Converse Ad

Chuck Taylor All Star Low Top

In the years after the Second World War, the popularity of the Chuck Taylor All Star only grew. Everyone who loved basketball had or wanted a pair. The shoe became so popular that in 1957 Converse decided to make a low version of the All Star Chuck called the "Oxford". This model was very popular as a casual shoe.

Chuck Taylor All Star
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The Chucks become an icon for the music industry

In the following years, Converse faced increasing competition. Innovative shoes with new technologies came onto the market. Athletes in particular were in high demand for these innovative shoes and they often preferred the futuristic models. Converse was left behind in the sports world, but fortunately saw opportunities in the music industry, for example.

The All Star became very popular in the punk and hip hop world and was later worn by many famous rock stars. Besides that, the shoe remained popular as an affordable casual shoe. Therefore, Converse has released different designs for all ages and styles.

kurt cobain
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The Chuck Taylor All Star as a lifestyle shoe

Today, Converse still has a wide range of Chuck Taylor All Stars and the kicks continue to dominate the streets of the world. Whether you choose a high top or low top model, with a platform or without, there is a design to suit everyone.

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