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The Bodega x Carhartt WIP 15 Year 'Fruit Market' capsule

December 10, 2021 11:00 AM
The Bodega x Carhartt WIP 15 Year 'Fruit Market' capsule

Bodega celebrates its 15th anniversary with a partnership with Carhartt WIP. The sneaker shop was founded in 2006 and apart from sneakers, it also sells clothing and accessories. The store has branches in Boston and Los Angeles. The theme of the collab with Carhartt WIP is 'Fruit Market'.

The 'Fruit Market' theme takes its inspiration from the location of the Bodega shop in Los Angeles. In this part of Los Angeles, a fruit market can be found that is hidden in plain sight. The items in the collection contain hints to this fruit market and the Carhartt logo is transformed into an apple.

The two brands are no strangers to each other and have been working together for quite some time. The new capsule combines the styles of both brands and gives Carhartt classics a Bodega makeover. Items from the collection include the OG Chore Coat, Quilted Vest, Double Knee Ruck Pant, and various T-shirts, caps and beanies.

Carhartt WIP is known for its workwear clothing and this is also reflected in the capsule. The items combine solid materials and colours the jacket and trousers in different shades of brown. The jacket has been given a black colour and has a chic look, with the logo of Bodega stitched in gold.

The shirts come in different colours and have the apple logo printed on the chest. Other fruits such as strawberries and coconuts also appear on the clothing items. The Bodega x Carhartt WIP capsule released today, 10 December 2021, and is available online and at the Boston and Los Angeles locations.