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The best Fear of God collabs and what we can expect soon

June 11, 2021 9:00 PM
The best Fear of God collabs and what we can expect soon

The fashion label Fear of God is certainly no stranger to those who have a penchant for the latest sneakers and fashion. What may sound like a totally religious theme to some is in fact an established fashion label that has made it into the world of luxury brands with a lot of authenticity, aesthetics and healthy growth.

Founder Jerry Lorenzo's brand has gained a high level of recognition through many collaborations with other brands, which is undoubtedly due to his extraordinary designs. Again and again, the US designer gave the most diverse sneaker silhouettes of many brands a completely new makeover and new design elements that thrilled sneakerheads worldwide.

Jerry Lorenzo, Gründer von Fear of God
Jerry Lorenzo; Gründer von Fear of God | @jerrylorenzo

The most coveted Fear of God Collaborations

In 2012, the brand Fear of God was founded by Jerry Lorenzo (whose full name is Jerry Lorenzo Manuel) in Los Angeles. But it was only at the end of 2016, after his very first collaboration with a major brand, that an eye was turned to his talent and potential in the wonderful world of sneakers.

Unfortunately, all of these kicks are no longer available in shops or at retail prices. Fortunately, we all have the opportunity to buy already sold-out shoes at StockX.

Vans x Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo was allowed to enter into the very first collaboration with the popular and famous skate and streetwear brand Vans. When the first collection was dropped, it was already clear that Vans had brought in a top designer who brought new momentum into the game and was also able to design 'box office hits'. At that time, the designer took the Vans Sk8-Hi and the Vans Era and gave them a touch of Lorenzo Madness.

After the success of this collaboration, it was no wonder that the next collab was released a year later. Here, a Vans Era and a Sk8-Hi in the F.O.G. design were also released. To this day, however, it is the Vans Era models that enjoy the greatest popularity. Here, the resale prices even go into the thousands.

Vans Era 95 x F.O.G. 2016
2016 Vans Era 95 x F.O.G. | @prcvr7
Vans Era 95 x F.O.G. 2017
2017 Vans Era 95 x F.O.G. | @luxeluce00
Vans Era 95 x F.O.G. Red 2017
2017 Vans Era 95 x F.O.G. | @amateur_store

Nike x Fear of God

Air Fear of God

Most of you probably remember these collabs. A year after Lorenzo designed the last collection for Vans, Nike brought the head behind Fear of God on board. In 2018, the first Nike x F.O.G. collab was born. The first silhouette the designer took to heart was a retro runner par excellence. The Nike Air Skylon II was the first sneaker Lorenzo was allowed to design for the brand:

Fear of God x Nike Air Skylon 2 Light Bone
Nike Air Skylon II (1 of 3) | @wethenew

But first and foremost, it's the unmistakable F.O.G. x Nike high-top sneakers that have made it to the top of the list! On 04 December 2018, the two brands released a sneaker that has never been on the market before. The so-called Nike Air FOG 1 triggered a lot of hype, especially in the United States, and was also a beautiful prime example of how luxury fashion and sportswear/streetwear can harmonise perfectly in combination. Here we show you a top 3 of the most popular colourways. Which one is your favourite?

Nike Air FOG 1 'Amarillo'
'Amarillo' Nike Air FOG 1 | @bea.hypebeast
Nike Air FOG 1 Friend and Family
Nike Air FOG 1 F&F | @jerrylorenzo
Nike Air FOG 1 'The Question'
Nike Air FOG 1 'The Question' | @jerrylorenzo

The two brands celebrated their last collaboration to date in June 2020. No new F.O.G. sneaker with a Swoosh is to be expected any time soon, as shortly after the contract with Nike expired there was immediate news that the designer would like to continue working with another brand.

adidas x Fear of God

In December 2020, it was actually official. adidas had brought the trend-conscious designer in-house! Jerry Lorenzo himself was even welcomed with a huge banner at his very first official meeting at the adidas headquarters in Portland, Oregon:

Fear of God x adidas Welcome Banner

"Welcome to the Family…". At this point at the latest, it became clear to everyone that there will soon be some adidas heat from Lorenzo's pen. Unfortunately, there is still no exact information about what we can expect soon. But insiders reveal that the upcoming releases will definitely be basketball silhouettes. In addition, as we have also seen with Nike, we can expect some collections, which this time will also be represented in the name of the sub-label of Fear of God: Fear of God Athletics.

If some of you are thinking: "Hmm, he recently posted the first pictures of a new slide on his feet on his Instagram account, why don't you show it?" We have to disappoint you. The slap you see here on Jerry Lorenzo's feet is not a collaboration with adidas, but will soon be released by his own label Fear of God.

Fear of God upcoming slides
Fear of God x adidas Slides
Fear of God upcoming slides

Let's hope that we can expect the new FOG x adidas kicks later this year and that they will be at least as successful as the past sneakers.

We will let you know as soon as there is new information and/or pictures about the collaboration with adidas! Be sure to check back often for our sneaker news. Or even easier: Follow us on Instagram for the hottest news!