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The Barbour x BAPE capsule is now available

The Barbour x BAPE capsule is now available

Recently, British clothing brand Barbour teamed up with BAPE for their first ever collab. The Barbour x BAPE capsule has been available since 16 October 2021 and consists of a number of cool items.

Barbour x BAPE capsule

With the capsule, the two brands bring a unique twist to the 'countryside' that Barbour stands for. Japanese lifestyle brand BAPE is known for its CAMO prints, among other things, so the two names have specially designed the items in their collaboration with the exclusive Barbour x Bape CAMO print.

"Practically is at the heart of everything we do here at Barbour and we know this is key to BAPE too, so we found that it was very easy to work together in this project, there was a natural synergy. The collection allowed us to draw upon Barbour's history whilst injecting the DNA of BAPE via the exclusive BAPE x BARBOUR CAMO print."

Ian Bergin, Director of Menswear, Footwear & Accessories & Barbour

The capsule consists of outerwear, sweatshirts, t-shirts, a hat and a dog coat. These are dressed in the exclusive CAMO print of Barbour and BAPE. Another striking detail about the collaboration is the logo tag. On the items, you can see that the Barbour logo has been merged with the BAPE logo.

Barbour x BAPE hat
Barbour x BAPE hat
Barbour x BAPE dog jacket
Barbour x BAPE hat

Thankfully, we don't have to wait for the Barbour x BAPE capsule anymore and the items have been available since 16 October 2021. They can all be ordered on the website of Barbour and BSTN.

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