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The Air Jordan Delta Ad from South Korea is a MV?

July 4, 2020 10:31 AM
The Air Jordan Delta Ad from South Korea is a MV?

For you, dear community, we have travelled the world or googled the web and have found an Air Jordan Delta Ad on the 'World Wide Web'. Yeah, that sounds uninteresting… but the ad is from South Korea! The Jordan brand has shot a commercial for South Korea for the new Jordan series! The video has already been shared and licked on many social networks! So we bring you some exclusive stuff from South Korea! Enjoy! Below you can find the music video, check out the vid!

By the way: The music video was released on May 29, 2020 and is entitled 'Fadeaway' - just like the basketball move!

So? Okey you probably didn't understand anything… neither did I, but did you see the Air Jordan Delta kickz in the music video? Also, if you take a closer look at the video, you will find many Michael Jordan references, for example the number 23 is in the video dozens of times! Also, everyone wears something of the Jordan brand!

Music video footage and BTS info!

So short recap about the music video: The rappers featured in this music video are Jvcki Wai, my boi 'Coogie', The Quiett and Bassagong. All rappers are from South Korea and jap 'Rap Music' is on fire in South Korea! The music video here is called 'Fadeaway' and refers to the basketball move / basketball throwing technique! As you have heard in the music video, 'Fadeaway' and Michael J. are often in the chorus. In the next chapter you will learn more about this basketball technique! Below we have added some nice pics from the music video shoot! Enjoy!

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Fadeaway - term definition for dummies

The 'Fadeaway' is a technique where the basketball player or pitcher holds the ball at an angle of about 30 degrees. The ball only touches the fingertips and these must be stretched to 40%, if they are over or under stretched, this trick does not work. It should also be noted that the thrower must be 2.10m tall and wear size 45 shoes, preferably an Air Jordan.

So dear community, what I explained to you above would be my description of how I would explain the fadeaway in jargon. But yes, what is a fadeaway? The throwing technique is very easy to explain. Imagine that you are standing on the basketball court. You throw the basketball in front of the basket, but an opponent covers you and jumps up with you at the same time. This is where the 'Fadeaway' throwing technique comes into play! You don't throw the ball from the 'normal' jumping position, but lean back a little when jumping in Midair.

Why? So that your opponent doesn't catch the ball. You do a backward jump and you throw the ball from the 'leaned back' position and when you are in the air! The explanation was already complicated and hard. Now imagine that you have to throw the basketball like this to score! But Michael Jordan has this throwing technique and that's why MJ is mentioned so often in the music video! He's just got it and he made the impossible possible! Just Do It!

Air Jordan Delta Ad
AIr Jordan Promo South Korea

By the way: Do you want to know more about Michael Jordan? Our team has written a blog post about him for you! Where can you find him? Just click here on '>> Michael Jordan - Nike's best deal <<! Check it out for sure and learn more about basketball legend MJ! Pure motivation!

Which kickz are in the video?

In the video is for sure the Air Jordan Delta SP. The Jordan Delta SP is a completely new lifestyle silhouette from the Jordan brand. Jordan introduce the new Jordan line earlier this month. The model has already received praise for its extraordinary construction and the choice of colors!

The Delta SP continues the 23ENGINEERED collection of the new Air Jordan series, which was launched in autumn 2018. The silhouettes, like those of the Proto React and the Aerospace 720, which were released earlier, were inspired by the Air Jordan 33 and have been designed with that in mind. This created a link with the older Jordan models that has since been accepted by the Jordan community. The Jordan brand is doing an extremely good job of combining the Air Jordan silhouette with high-tech elements.

So which Air Jordan Delta SP silhouettes are now in the music video and where can you cop them? We went hunting for you and found them in our Sneaker Collection! By the way there you can find many other sneakers like the Nike React, the Nike Air Force 1, the Nike Air Max 1 etc. Below we have linked the pairs for you, which can be found in the music video!


Jordan Delta 'Black'

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More kickz in the MV - no Delta!

Besides the Air Jordan Delta there are 2 other Nike kickz in the music video! Did you make fun of them? First we have the guy in the background welding something! In which kickz do you weld stuff together best? Of course in a Nike Air Force 1 'White'! We have linked the pair for you below!


The last Nike pair or to be more precise the Air Jordan pair. The rapper 'The Quiett' wears the Air Jordan 5 'Fire Red' on his part! We were looking for the pair for you and found them in our Sneaker Collection! If you want to cop the shoe, then click on the button below! Let's go and bye!

Air Jordan Delta Ad

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