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The adidas Forum has been given a new look

September 6, 2021 4:00 PM
The adidas Forum has been given a new look

The classic adidas Forum is back and better than ever. This classic pair is an addition to every wardrobe. The sneaker that started out as a basketball shoe known for its chunky appearance has grown into a classic that is still relevant today. A number of adjustments have been made to the new version of the Forum.

The adidas Forum as a basketball shoe

The Forum comes from the eighties and was a popular basketball shoe for a long time. At the time, the Forum was one of the first basketball shoes from adidas that was available in three different heights. Namely the High Forum, Mid and Low. The strap on the sneaker was designed to help basketball players prevent ankle injuries.

Sneaker designer Jacques Chassaing brought the design onto the market in 1984 and that same year Michael Jordan wore this sneaker during the Olympic trials in America. Soon the model was also seen in the streets and the pairs were not only worn by basketball players.

The new version of the Forum

The latest versions of the Forum are again available in all three heights. The sneaker maintains its classic look but has a few minor adjustments here and there. The Forum has been given a narrower nose and the strap on the shoe is removable. For the rest, the shoe is made of sturdy leather and has a rough sole. The stripes on the side have remained the same and give the model a vintage look. The sneaker is made with recycled material and is finished with premium suede.

The new narrow nose of the adidas Forum

Different colorways

The Forum is available in different colorways. The classic white with navy blue colorway is available in Low, Mid and High versions and for the ladies there is also a Platform model. At adidas, it is possible to personalize the Forum 84 High with your name or number. The silhouettes of the new Forum keep the characteristic X-detail and the logos on the sneakers are finished in gold.

The gold details on the new Forum

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