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The 5 best Nike SB shoes for your skate session

June 19, 2021 9:00 AM
The 5 best Nike SB shoes for your skate session

What's up dear sneaker and skateboarding amigos & amigas! Today you most likely came across this blog post because you are looking for a new pair of Nike SB shoes. Otherwise, you probably already belong to our loyal community and the headline simply interested you.

But no matter how you got here, today we're talking about the best Nike SB sneakers you can currently buy. We have compiled a top 5 of the most popular models that Nike has made available for you to shred. ("Shredding" = slang term that describes the wearing of the shoes by the skateboard's grip tape).

Alright. Enough talk and teasers! Pack your board and join us for a rock'n'roll on the quarter pipe of inspiration. Here we go with our selection of the 5 best Nike SB shoes for your next skate session!

Oh, you don't need any inspiration from us and want to see the best kicks from Nike SB right away? Easy! Just click on the button and you'll immediately be taken to the complete Nike SB sneaker range in our sneaker collection! ⬇️

Our TOP 5 of the current best Nike SB shoes

Anyone who is confronted with the word "Nike SB" in 2021 must definitely think of the sub-label's most hyped silhouette at the moment. The Nike SB Dunk is and was one of the most popular skateboarding silhouettes among skateboarders worldwide, even without the hype.

But as I'm sure you all know, it's extremely difficult to almost impossible to finally get your hands on a pair of Nike's gorgeous shoes. Unfortunately, we all have to face the truth and opt for other models from the brand. But it's good to know that there is some heat that is moving under the radar of the hype.

From the ever-popular Nike SB Janoski models to modified versions called Nike SB Air Max Janoski / Janoski Max and cool models of the hip Nike SB Bruin, we're showing you some freshness for your feet today! Let's go!

'Zoom Janoski RM' AQ7475-001

No good skate shoe selection should be without a Janoski! Here we've picked out a clean, simple version of one of the most popular skate silhouettes ever. The ever-popular kicks promise best quality through high comfort and mobility. >> Click here for all Janoski models in our sneaker collection.

Need this Nike SB Zoom Janoski RM? Click on one of the photos for a list of all retailers. ⬇️


'Air Max Janoski 2' AQ7477-001

Not really meant for skating but a fresh pair for Nike SB fans! The Nike SB Air Max Janoski 2 (or Nike SB Janoski Max 2) combines the best of Nike's running world with the popular Janoski flair. Get ready for comfort on the highest level with the famous Air Max cushioning technology! >> Click here to see all Air Max Janoski models in our sneaker collection.

A simple click on one of the pictures will take you to a list of all the shops that offer this Nike SB Air Max Janoski 2. ⬇️

'Zoom Blazer Mid' 864349-700

The Nike SB Blazer Mid has been one of the all-time favourites of every skater ever since the skateboarding sub-label Nike SB was founded. Of course, the low version looks just as good, but the mid version is best for skating. Why? Because you can protect your ankles a bit! In addition, the popular silhouette comes here with Nike's cushioning Zoom technology, which saves you some pain due to a lower impact. >> Click here for all Nike SB Blazer models in our sneaker collection.

Get yourself this beautiful yellow Nike SB Zoom Blazer Mid by clicking on one of the pictures. ⬇️


'Bruin React' CJ1661-002

As you can see, skateboarding now also uses a lot of technology to protect the wearer from too high an impact. This is also the case with this nice colorway of the Nike SB Bruin React! A durable low top with springy, responsive Nike React foam offers you the perfect shoe for the whole day in the skatepark. >> Click here to see all Nike SB Bruin models in our sneaker collection.

Click on one of the images to quickly check if your size is available. Better be quick! ⬇️


'Alleyoop' CJ0882-101

The Nike SB Alleyoop is one of the newer skateboarding shoes from Nike. With this silhouette, the brand offers us all a shoe that is just right for the beginners among you in terms of price-performance ratio. For the first flip tricks in flat and the first drop-ins from different quarters, you don't necessarily need a lot of technology in your shoes. That's why the Alleyoop only offers you the bare essentials. Doubled overlays also offer you a relatively good durability of the shoes.

A simple click on one of the pictures will take you to a list of all the shops that offer this Nike SB Alleyoop. ⬇️


'Nyjah Free 2' BV2078-005

The last highlight in our fine selection of the best current Nike SB shoes is the Nike SB Nyjah Free 2! Anyone who has watched the latest contests of the last few years on YouTube or Trasher, or at least knows who won them all, knows exactly what we're talking about here. The Nyjah Free 2 is the second silhouette that pro skater Nyjah Huston has developed together with Nike. Lightness, durability, comfort and clean design are the focus here and offer you everything you need for a good session.

The signature model, which Nyjah Huston also wears every day, can be found in the 'Black/Cyber' colorway by simply clicking on one of the images. ⬇️


So dear friends, unfortunately that's it for our top 5. We hope that we could offer you some inspiration and maybe even enabled you to find your new favourite pair to skate.

By the way, in the future you can see a lot more about skateboarding in our Sneaker News. Stay tuned and stay excited about what we have prepared for you. Follow us on Instagram for the hottest news on the latest Nike SB Dunk models and much more!