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Sustainable Streetwear ♻️ Patagonia's Secrets of Success

September 10, 2021 9:00 PM
Sustainable Streetwear ♻️ Patagonia's  Secrets of Success

"62% of consumers want companies that critically voice their concerns and position themselves"

Sonsev (2019)

Patagonia is sustainable, functional, stylish, innovative, but above all it is customer-oriented and takes a stand, for example with the legendary marketing campaign "Don't buy this jacket" from 2016 (more on this below…). Here the secret is revealed why Patagonia is sustainable streetwear.

Founded in 1953, the brand that originally produced and sold climbing equipment has now become much more of an outdoor brand for hiking, skating, skiing and snowboarding, and just as much a hip streetwear brand for us from the sneaker scene.

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The Patagonia secret of success


Dont buy this jacket

The fact that Patagonia positions itself and does not mince its words is particularly evident in its marketing campaign of 2011 and the years since.

The "Don't buy this jacket" campaign, which was marketed on the cover of the New York Times on Black Friday 2011, was intended to send a clear signal against consumerism, i.e. overconsumption.

Patagonia thus frees itself from the 'bondage' of the fashion industry' and claims not to be dependent on trends and certainly not to produce low-quality mass-produced goods.


Honesty is something you rarely see these days. But that is one of the values why people love Patagonia so much. They are authentic.

The brand clearly follows values aimed at protecting the environment:

- Make the best product
- Do not cause unnecessary damage
- Use the company to protect the environment
- We are not bound by any conventions

Patagonia makes long-lasting outdoor and street wear, and if it breaks or no longer fits, you can send it in, have it repaired or get credits for your next purchase.

Reduce - Repair - Reuse - Recycle - Reimagine

worn wear Patagonia


Patagonia Action Works

Patagonia has been supporting environmental groups and activists around the world for 40 years.

All of this, to be able to surf, climb, hike or simply travel for many more years.

Of course, Patagonia also benefits from the outdoorwear hype and the blurred boundaries to streetwear, as experienced by Columbia or THE North Face, for example.

One thing is clear, when you buy Patagonia, you buy for life.

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Patagonia Beanie
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Patagonia Shirt
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Patagonia swimshorts
patagonia trousers

It's obvious: Patagonia has style and is environmentally conscious. Some brands could take a leaf out of their book! The commitment to improving the world and the minimalist functional designs make Patagonia the perfect sustainable streetwear.

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