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StockX Day 2022 is here

June 22, 2022 7:41 AM
StockX Day 2022 is here

StockX Day 2022 has been extended to a four-day event this year. From June 21 to 24, you can win various sneakers at StockX and experience even more activities.

June 21, is day one. On day one you can listen to StockX's playlist, join a discussion on Discord about authenticity and win the Air Jordan 2 x UNION LA on Twitter. What are you waiting for?

Day two, June 22, will be celebrated even bigger. Start Wednesday with an Air Jordan 4 'Infrared' giveaway and then listen to a story about skate culture via Twitter Spaces. Open your Discord app again and enter the $500 giveaway. Day two concludes with an auction of the Nothing phone.

On day three, June 23, you start the day with a big scavenger hunt. There are clues hidden to help you find discount codes on the StockX website. Later in the day, there will be a conversation via Discord about the evolution of gaming. The second to last day ends with an Apple Airpods Max giveaway on Instagram.

StockX Day 2022 will wrap up on Friday, June 24 with an auction, a Q&A and the biggest giveaway to date on Instagram. Click the button on the left for the full schedule of this digital event.