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So How Exactly Does KLEKT Work?

January 22, 2021 12:03 AM
So How Exactly Does KLEKT Work?

What is Klekt?

Founded in 2013 by Heiko Lanzke and Marius Obiegala, Klekt is a European marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of sneakers from around the world. Although Klekt is based in Cologne, Germany, they opened a new location in the Netherlands in early January 2021.

How do I buy on Klekt?

Buying is very simple - you choose and buy a pair of sneakers, then the seller sends your pair to Klekt. They then check the sneaker for authenticity and/or any defects, and they send the pair to you after approval! So you know that your purchase is in good hands!

What happens if shoes do not pass authentication?

Authentication takes up to 2 business days, and if the sneakers do not successfully pass the process, the order is cancelled and the buyer is refunded. Klekt's authentication officers are experts, and each item is inspected by multiple members of the team to ensure authenticity. Only items that are determined to be 100% authentic will be shipped to buyers!

How do I sell on Klekt?

As long as you live in the EU, you can sell. You will also need a PayPal account.

Once your sneakers are sold, you must confirm the sale within 24 hours. You then have another 48 hours to ship the sneakers to Klekt using a free shipping and tracking label. They will then check the item, forward it to the buyer and process your payment. Very easy!

What can I sell on Klekt?

You can only sell 'deadstock' sneakers, which are defined as unworn and complete with the original box. This can include extra laces, special packaging, manufacturer's labels, etc. Second hand or worn out sneakers are not accepted!

How do Klekt's fees work?

The processing fee is always included in the price. The only additional amount you pay is the shipping costs. So you know exactly how much a pair of sneakers will cost you in advance!

Where does Klekt deliver?

You can shop from any country in the world! They deliver worldwide!

How long does the delivery of Klekt take?

Although the delivery time depends on how quickly the seller ships the product to Klekt and how long the authentication takes, the dispatch time is normally between 7 and 12 working days. In the EU, delivery is then between 3 and 5 working days after dispatch.

Customs fees

If you are a buyer from the EU, you do not need to worry about additional import duties or taxes. If you are outside the EU, you should check with the local jurisdiction for any additional import duties and taxes.

The Klekt App

You can download the Klekt App to stay up to date with their latest sneaker releases. You'll be able to see exclusive offers and upload your items for sale faster! Available to download for both iOS and Android.

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