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SNIPES is looking forward to the new Space Jam film ⛹️

July 3, 2021 9:00 PM
SNIPES is looking forward to the new Space Jam film ⛹️

SNIPES is an official partner of the upcoming 'Space Jam: A New Legacy' movie. For this reason, the chain has distributed large blue basketballs in five European cities.

Space Jam: A New Legacy

'Space Jam: A New Legacy' is the sequel to the original 'Space Jam' which came out in 1996. In the original film, Michael Jordan starred as himself. Around this time, he was already a successful basketball player. In the film, he joined a basketball team with the Looney Tunes to defeat the Nerdlucks so that the Looney Tunes characters did not have to go to another planet. The film was a fresh combination of animation and live action.

After the success with Michael Jordan in the lead role, speculation about a sequel was already rife after a year. It took a while, but the second part will be released this summer. After 25 years, this time it's LeBron James appearing on the big screen together with the Looney Tunes. They take on a wild adventure in 'Space Jam: A New Legacy'. King James' son, Dom, disappears to another world and is captured. To get Dom back, LeBron must win a basketball game against the Goon Squad. Together with Bugs Bunny, he forms a team, the Tunes Squad.

'Space Jam: A New Legacy' will be released in cinemas on Wednesday 14 July. Watch the trailer of the film below.

SNIPES' Blue Basketballs

To celebrate the release of this new film, well-known streetwear and sneaker chain SNIPES has distributed large blue basketballs across five major cities. The balls can be found in Berlin, Cologne, Paris, Milan and Barcelona from 25 June to 27 July. The biggest basketball is three metres high.

The large basketballs have a bright blue colour. They also have logos of both SNIPES and the new Space Jam film on them. With this campaign, they want to get attention for the release and let people know that the film is coming soon.

Snipes & Warner Bros
Snipes & Space Jam
Snipes & Space Jam
Snipes Blue basketballs

Besides the SNIPES blue basketball campaign, Warner Bros has even more in store with this collaboration. We can expect a campaign with well-known influencers, a collection between Snipes and the new basketball movie and even more events.

Space Jam collaborations

Earlier this month, we already saw a lot of collaborations between sports brands and Warner Bros. One of the best known is the Nike and Converse collaboration. They released eleven pairs of sneakers for young and old. Besides these sneakers, they are also releasing merchandise.

Nike and SNIPES are not the only ones excited about this film. Tommy Jeans is also doing its bit. Hilfiger's subbrand mainly releases clothing with the Looney Tunes characters on it. They have a lot of denim products, but also some sneakers and accessories. On all these products the animation figures can be found.

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