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Sneakers and streetwear trends for autumn 2023

October 12, 2023 8:21 AM
Sneakers and streetwear trends for autumn 2023

Autumn brings changes not only to the weather, but also to our fashion choices, especially when it comes to sneakers. There are some notable trends this season that you won't want to miss. From waterproof trainers to the latest colour palettes, let's take a look at what's hot in the world of sneakers for autumn!

Biggest sneaker trends for autumn

As a sneaker lover, you do not have to fear the change of season, as autumn offers an array of stylish and functional trainer options. Below are some of the biggest sneaker trends you can expect in autumn:

Waterproof sneakers

Nike ACG Air Zoom Gaiadome GORE-TEX

First, waterproof sneakers, the embodiment of functionality and style in autumn. They are made with advanced technologies and materials like Gore-Tex linings and taped stitching to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Even during heavy rain!

In addition, the diversity of designs ranges from sporty trainers to more casual models. So you can enjoy protection without losing style! Waterproof trainers are thus an absolute must-have to keep your feet dry during the fickle autumn days.

Some of our favourite waterproof trainers are the Gore-Tex x Nike ACG Air Zoom Gaiadome and Gore-Tex x HOKA Clifton 9.

Trending autumn colours

Colours play a crucial role in your autumn outfit, with the autumn palette being rich and deep. Consider warm and earthy tones such as burgundy beige, deep brown, dark green and rust orange. These colours reflect the perfect warm, cosy mood of the season and can be seamlessly integrated into your sneaker choices.

Would you like to add a touch of elegance and warmth to your outfits with autumn shades? Then check out the following trainers with a beautiful colour palette of blue and beige!

Terrace en retro sneakers

Moreover, autumn brings change not only in colours, but also in style! Retro and Terrace sneakers are definitely trending this autumn. These trainers take their inspiration from the past and bring a touch of nostalgia to your wardrobe.

For example, discover classic designs with suede overlays, striking colour combinations and vintage details such as stitched soles. Examples of true must-haves in terms of retro and Terrace sneakers are the adidas Samba and Gazelle!

Gorpcore sneakers

Gorpcore sneaker

Are you already familiar with gorpcore? This is an emerging trend that is all about adventure and functionality. Gorpcore sneakers are specially designed to withstand the roughest terrains and offer durability and protection, making them ideal for autumn hikes and outdoor activities.

For example, these shoes feature grippy soles, reinforced noses, and are made of robust materials. So are you planning to head out into nature or do you just enjoy taking walks in autumnal environments? Then gorpcore trainers are the perfect choice for you!

On top of that, functionality goes hand in hand with beautiful designs! Examples of gorpcore trainers that go perfectly with casual outfits include the Salomon XT-6, Nike Zoom Vomero 5 and the ASICS GEL-1090.


Salomon XT-6

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Sneaker brands to explore

Besides the trends themselves, it is of course also important to know which brands stand out during the autumn season. You will discover which these are below!

Nike ACG

Nike ACG Lowcate Limestone

Nike ACG (All Conditions Gear) has an established reputation for producing trainers suitable for all weather conditions. Their autumn sneakers offer not only style, but also high functionality. Think waterproof materials, padded ankle collars and aggressive outsoles for grip on wet surfaces.


Salomon XT-6 Cathay Spice

Salomon is known for its expertise in outdoor and trail running shoes. Their trainers are designed with the adventurous spirit in mind. These shoes offer excellent grip, stability, and protection against rough terrain, thanks to their Contagrip soles and water-repellent uppers.

Whether you plan to climb mountains or simply wander through the wet leaves in the city, Salomon sneakers won't let you down!


Salomon XT-6

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HOKA One One Anacapa Low GTX Shifting Sand

You may not have heard of HOKA before, but you have undoubtedly seen them before. After all, HOKA shoes are known for their signature thick soles. Combined with maximum cushioning, these trainers are sure to keep you comfortable and stylish this autumn. Even during long walks! And thanks to their lightweight construction and excellent shock absorption, they're definitely ideal for everyday wear too.

Nike Duckboot

Nike Lunar Force 1 Duckboot voor heren

The Nike Duckboot is a classic choice for autumn. Combining waterproofing with style, these iconic shoes have a sturdy construction to protect your feet from cold and moisture. The waterproof upper, insulation, and signature duckboot sole offer excellent grip on wet and slippery surfaces. Therefore, Nike Duckboots are perfect for urban activities on rainy autumn days and also add a touch of street style to your outfit!


Nike ACG Mountain Fly Gore-Tex Khaki Metallic Silver

Finally, Gore-Tex, the must-have for the autumn and winter season. Gore-Tex's membranes offer waterproof protection and breathability, keeping your feet comfortable. Even during the most challenging weather conditions!

Gore-Tex's technology is often applied to trainers from different brands, giving you a wide range of styles and designs to choose from!

Styling tips for autumn sneakers

Once you've chosen your perfect trainers for autumn, it's time to think about how you can style them to look stylish while staying comfortable and warm!

Combining sneakers with autumn clothes

Styling your trainers with clothes for autumn can be a fun and creative challenge. Start by pairing your trainers with jeans, corduroy trousers or chinos for a casual look. Above that, add a warm jumper, a flannel shirt or a lightweight down jacket to protect yourself from the cold. On top of your outfit, you can wear a water-repellent jacket to stay dry during rainy days. Besides, a scarf can serve not only as practical protection against the cold, but also as a stylish accessory to complete your outfit!

It is also essential to consider the colour of your sneakers and how they harmonise with the autumn colour palette. Neutral trainers go with almost everything, while trainers with bright colours can be used to make your outfit stand out. You can also opt for tone-on-tone colours to create a layered look, or use contrasting accents for a surprising effect. If your trainers have prints or patterns, pair them with plain clothing items in one of the colours from the pattern to balance the look.

Sneakers are in autumn

Finally, take care of your trainers during the autumn season. After all, autumn weather can be tricky. To ensure your trainers stay in top condition during autumn, it is important to protect them from rain and dirt.

Therefore, make sure you thoroughly clean your kicks after wearing them to remove dirt and moisture. You can easily do this with a shoe brush and shoe cleaner or cleaning wipes. Afterwards, don't forget to spray them with a water- and stain-protecting spray. This way, dirt will not affect your shoes as easily. Then store them in a cool, dry place, and don't forget to air them occasionally to maintain their freshness!

Want to be well-prepared for autumn with the latest sneaker releases? Then keep an eye on the Sneakerjagers release calendar!