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Sneakerfan drops his own limited edition sneaker with BUD

January 6, 2022 9:00 AM
Sneakerfan drops his own limited edition sneaker with BUD

Together with BUD and VIJZ Bespokes, Tommie Brink turns his dream into reality. After being chosen from BUD's Dream Bottle Project, the 27-year-old sneaker fan from Groningen may design and release his own sneaker together with VIJZ Bespokes. It is not yet known when Tommie will release it. However, the kicks are expected in 2022.

Dream Bottle Project of BUD

In July 2019, BUD, also known as 'The King of Beers', was introduced in the Netherlands. BUD is the largest alcohol brand in the world and is part of AB InBev Brewery, which is the largest brewing chain in the world. With over 400 brands, the brewery can be found in more than 100 countries. In The Netherlands AB InBev is known for brands like Jupiler, Hertog Jan and Corona.

When dreams are shared, great things can happen. This is how the Dream Bottle Project of BUD was born. Often people keep their dreams to themselves and only a few have the courage to share them. Because of the corona pandemic, it is much harder to make these dreams come true. Therefore, last Autumn BUD challenged everyone to share their dream for the Dream Bottle Project.

The dreams were shared by almost 1,900 Dutch people throughout the country in various ways. Well-known names such as Ta Joela, sor and Celmatique also participated and sent in their personal desires. The winner was chosen by an independent jury. Presenter Defano Holwijn then went out to share the news with Tommie Brink.

Sneaker fanatic Tommie Brink

Since secondary school, the 27-year-old from Groningen has been collecting sneakers. These were slightly different from the kicks worn by the rest of his village. At a young age, he collected more than 30 sneakers. Because of this, he was sometimes seen as 'crazy'. Recently, Tommie has also been working as a DJ, but due to the current Corona situation, he is booking fewer and fewer acts. He started selling his collection of iconic pairs through his Instagram account.

The dream of designing and releasing his own sneaker has always been something Tommie wanted to do. Yet this is not something you do 'for a while'. "Doing something like that involves a lot of uncertainty. Let alone a whole investment," says Tommie. This was also the reason why he never really took the step to develop a shoe and research it.

Now the sneaker fan gets the chance to release his own limited edition sneaker together with Sam van Ijzendoorn of VIJZ Bespokes. "I find it so incredibly cool that BUD now offers me such a unique support to make this dream come true," said Tommie.

Image by BUD

VIJZ Bespokes

In 2013 Sam van Ijzendoorn started repairing and rebuilding sneakers under the name 'VIJZ'. Now VIJZ is mainly designing his own shoes and gives sneakers a unique design. VIJZ also offers a Shoemaking Course. During this course, you work on your own shoe for five days under the guidance of VIJZ and his team.

Dare to dream

BUD does not stop at Tommie Brink. After looking at all the submitted dreams, it appears that many 'smaller' dreams were also shared. Bringing people together was therefore a common dream that BUD would like to realise.

People also have the desire to get together with friends again to party, or to see their favourite football heroes in action. In order to make these dreams come true, the alcohol brand is joining forces with various partners to give away dozens of tickets to football matches and festivals.

Image by BUD