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Sneaker trends? The adidas Continental - a shoe with history

May 16, 2020 9:21 AM
Sneaker trends? The adidas Continental - a shoe with history

Trend sneakers are exactly your thing? Then you've come to the right place, because today we want to introduce the adidas Continental in the Spotlight - its design, its history and much more. Here you can get to know this special sneaker even better and also find out how to style it best.

Our story takes us back to the late 80s, when it all began. Come with us on the journey:

adidas Continental - how it all began

It is 1986. adidas, the famous brand from Herzogenaurach, is becoming increasingly popular and we are experiencing a time when adidas took a big step towards its current success. So the three stripe look is booming. Both in the fashion industry and in sports. And at this point we pause for a moment:

So the adidas Continental first hit the shelves in 1986. A sneaker that was inspired by tennis, but was actually designed for indoor sports. Its clean style is still reminiscent of the tennis look, but the sole technology is adapted to the floor conditions of the sports hall.

Some athletes fell in love with the Continental here directly. However, at that time the sneaker was not as much noticed as one might think as it is today. Let's put it this way: It was not the biggest success story! On top of that, every look has a hard time making the transition from sport to street style in the beginning. Many, if not most sneakers take the route from the sports world to the fashion scene, but this path is sometimes rocky.

adidas Continental 80

The comeback

But of course our story doesn't end so sadly. On the contrary. Because we are far from the end! Let's ask ourselves at this point: What actually makes a good sneaker? From good, timeless style, great, cushioning technologies in the sole, a robust and comfortable upper material, to simply trendy style, the answers are probably all there. And our Continental? It should cover everything!

But slowly. We are leaving the 80's behind us and moving into 2018, where there is less activity, but where the special part of our history begins. In 2018, the adidas Continental 80 will be dug out of the archives and reissued. We've known this trend for some time now: Sneaker brands are checking their basements in search for almost forgotten styles that are set to shake up today's fashion world once again. I don't have to tell you how well this works, and adidas has also dug up a real gem in the course of their search.

So the Continental is celebrating its comeback! At a time when sneaker trends were actually thicker, more chunky and eye-catching in design. Do you know the expression: To bring a knife to a gunfight? Hah! Think so! Because our Continental has totally broken with this style and still won through! It celebrated a hype like never before, which still continues today! In it's style it remained true to it's design from the 80s except for a few small updates. An era has begun and the Continental has made it's way to an absolute trend sneaker! It joins the adidas Hall of Fame somewhere next to the Stan Smith and the adidas Superstar.

Continental adidas

The Continental 80 - design check

But what makes this look so special? It's quite simple, literally, because the adidas Continental 80 has had a clean, minimalist design since the beginning of its history. The sneaker traditionally comes with a leather upper and a two-piece rubber outsole with EVA insert for a comfortable and very flexible fit. Furthermore, the comfort of the shoe inspires thanks to the leather upper and the French Terry lining.

The sneaker fits into today's retro trend without compromise and brings the 80s feeling of the past back to the streets of today. Characteristic for it's design are the following features: The adidas logo window on the lacing strip, which also helps to bring back the style of the 80s. The perforation at the toe of the shoe and also the two-tone strip on the side of the sneaker. Together with the slim silhouette and the mostly white upper, an absolutely round, harmonious, timeless style. And that is what makes a trend sneaker!

adidas Continental

Due to this style the Continental is of course also great to combine! It is a great companion for every day and fits in it's design to countless different styles. No matter if chic, sporty, elegant, cool or whatever your look is: With the Continental from adidas everything is possible! That's one of the reasons why you can see it making the streets and styles of the world a little bit more beautiful today! Today there are countless different styles of sneaker. And of course, we will show you how this can look like in a few examples here! If you like the models in this blog, you can easily buy the style by clicking on the buttons or the pictures!

So much for the history about the trend sneaker Continental from adidas! If you want to learn more about the Continental, then have a look at our Newsblog! And if you don't own a pair of these stylish sneakers yet, we have a great selection in our Sneaker Collection under the keyword Continental.