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Sneaker Trends autumn/winter 20/21 - The Fashion Trend Forecast

August 8, 2020 8:10 AM
Sneaker Trends autumn/winter 20/21 - The Fashion Trend Forecast

People, it's that time again. We sweat our way around and in the shop window we see the first piece of knitting or the first coat hanging up again. I admit, even after years of fashion training, photo shootings in summer for winter and in winter for summer, I still haven't quite gotten used to it. But what is exciting: reading, rummaging and researching what we will be allowed to wear in the coming months. In the sunshine, the magazines are a good place to go and for clothes there is a lot of information to be found, but when it comes to shoes or sneaker trends, the information about the Sneaker Trends autumn/winter 20/21 remains rather bald.

You want to see the sneakers, I get it. But I'll wait a little bit until tomorrow 🙃 In my opinion a little knowledge is necessary before we let go of the different theories about how, where, what why, not so wrong. Or maybe you want to be up to date when it comes to trend forecasting. Because for those who think that everything we see hanging in the stores is arbitrary and comes solely from the pen of Virgil Abloh- nope, I have to disappoint you. The whole process has a very, very, very long run-up. But no stress - I give you a little insight here.

Colors forecast for autumn/winter 20/21

Trend research

Let's start with one of the most important people when it comes to trend forecasting. Lidewij Edelkoort.

This lady, who originally comes from the Netherlands, is a genius when it comes to trends. Meanwhile, in the fashion scene you can no longer tell whether she simply ALWAYS has a good feeling for the future, or whether she simply sets the tone and therefore her predictions are correct. In any case, Lidewij Edelkoort has predicted that brown will be the new black for autumn/winter 20/21. A little softer, not so hard, good when it comes to knitwear. After all the events this year, humanity needs warmth and security above all else.

Saint Laurent
Klassischer Rollkragenpullover
Saint Laurent via Farfetch

The color white will also continue into the winter collections. Normally untypical, but also here: Everyone longs for light and positivity.

Colour science

The color white will also continue into the winter collections. Normally untypical, but also here: Everyone longs for light and positivity.

Fashion Trends autumn/winter 20/21

In terms of clothing, cut-outs are gaining ground this year. Cut-outs are 'pieces' of clothing that have been cut out and can be seen down to the skin.

Off-White also shows many velvet fabrics and elements. And anyway, everything that is a little more solid, like plaid, thick check fabrics and the ever popular classics we see again.

Natasha Zinko 
Doppelreihiger Blazer
Natasha Zinko via Farfetch

Also many aspects of the 80's are coming back in clothing: shoulder pads, 'square' silhouettes, latex & leather and colorful pieces.

Natasha Zinko via Farfetch

Neon prevails in a weakened form from summer to autumn. You can also see a lot of 'big' and solid jewelry, including chains.

Zoë Chicco via Farfetch

When styling we can still count on socks in the sneakers and you can see many fur balls on the shoes of the catwalks. You know, those fluffy balls that we have seen a lot on slippers in the last few years.

Vanina via Farfetch

We also see many extreme plateau shoes/sneakers that remind us of the 90s and techno. In english they are affectionately called stompers.

If you feel like reviewing everything again in an overview, I have added a runway show summary of the most important trends of this autumn/winter:

And what about the Sneaker Trends autumn/winter 20/21?

In the next 2 days I will summarize your learnings from today and for the sneaker trends autumn/winter 20/21 with the help of the new additions at our high-fashion partner Farfetch. Just check out our Sneaker News Page. Because just like haute couture or high fashion brands when it comes to clothing, brands like Alexander McQueen, Dior, Balenciaga, Gucci, Off-White and co. are the forerunners when it comes to trends. After that we will see it, often in a toned down form, with our other favourite sneaker brands.

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