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Sneaker accessories at Sneakerdisplay

December 3, 2020 9:01 AM
Sneaker accessories at Sneakerdisplay

Hi friends, do you have some really cool sneakers at home in a shoebox? Too bad to just leave them in the box. If you want to keep your SNKRS App or Raffle wins deadstock, you can better put them in one of the displays of Sneakerdisplay. There you will find normal displays as well as exclusive designs for your shoe.

One highlight? For example, the new SB Dunk Low Elephant has a special designed display. So, get your cool sneakers out of the boxes and look around at Sneakerdisplay for matching accessories.


More Sneaker Accessories

Besides the exclusive designs for hyped releases there are of course the normal displays. The advantage is that you can change your shoes without needing a new box. It can also be an advantage if you should ever sell your shoes and you don't get the display with them.

The cover is made of hard plastic and the rest of the tube of soft and transparent plastic. The cool thing is, the displays are suitable for all shoe sizes. If you are real sneakerheads, of course you have several shoes. There are also extra multi boxes for this case, where you can display several shoes in one display. The displays are available for up to 3 sneakers. Have a look at the photos to get a better overview.

Sneaker Zubehör

Sneaker Box

The floating effect is really cool with the single display. A transparent tube allows the shoe to be placed on it, but the tube will not be visible from the outside. If the exclusive designs are too special for you, you can simply design your own normal display. Sneakerdisplay has stickers in the right shape and size for you. Just have a look here in the shop and have a look at the stickers. You will find for example the GOT'EM sticker from the SNKRS app or the popular brand logos like Nike or adidas in the right format. So you can design your displays individually.

Sneakerhead Clothing

If you are now looking for the right T-shirt in addition to your sneakers, you will find a matching Sneakerhead shirt at Sneakerdisplay. The T-shirts in white and black are available in two different fonts. One with the sneakerhead logo central on the chest and back and the other with the sneakerhead logo left on the chest and central on top of the back. The T-shirts are available in all standard sizes.

The exclusive displays also change sometimes, so check back from time to time to see if your favourite sneaker is included. Because sneaker displays come from the Netherlands, shipping within the Netherlands is free from 60€. More important for you, shipping within the EU is free from 125€. So if you still need accessories for your new sneakers, check out the shop.

If you also want to enjoy a hyped release, then take a look at our Sneaker News. There you will find exciting insights into the sneaker scene and you won't miss an upcoming release.

You can also win something from Sneakerdisplay within our Sneakerjagers Adventcalendar. All infos about how to take part, can be found here.