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Shop the 'Halls of IVY PARK' collection now at adidas

December 14, 2021 12:00 PM
Shop the 'Halls of IVY PARK' collection now at adidas

On the website of adidas you can now shop the latest IVY PARK collection. The items are designed in collaboration with Beyonce and consist of a lot of cool items. The items in the collection have been given remarkable patterns and distinctive neon colours. We have selected our favourite picks for you.

Halls of IVY PARK

In 2014, Beyonce teamed up with Sir Phillip Green for a major project: IVY PARK. The brand was launched in collaboration with Topshop and in 2016, the artist released her first IVY PARK collection. In March 2016, the artist from Housten dropped her second collection. She announced this on the covers for the 'May Issues' of Elle Magazines.

IVY PARK, 2016 | Image by IVY PARK

During an interview with Elle Magazines, Beyonce shared her goals with the brand and her focus on women. For example, she hoped to push the boundaries of sportswear with her brand. In addition, the artist tries to support women and tries to inspire them and according to Beyoncé, beauty is more than just something physical. In 2018, IVY PARK was separated from Topshop and given its own name.

adidas IVY PARK
IVY PARK x adidas

In 2019, IVY PARK teamed up with adidas for the first time and the names released their first joint collection in April. It didn't take long for the collaboration to continue and in October, the two names released their second collection. Since then, Beyonce and adidas have released several capsules together and now it's the turn of the 'Hall of IVY PARK'.

IVY PARK's latest collection consists of 89 stylish clothing items and is designed for both women and men. In addition, four sneakers and 11 accessories items have emerged from the collaboration. These are all covered in cool prints and neon accents.

In addition, the items from this collection are not only suitable for sports, but also for contemporary outfits. The collection is now available on the adidas website. We have selected our favourite picks for a top 10.

3-stripes Jumpsuit 2.0 (Unisex)


Our first favourite pick, is this eye-catching 3-stripes Jumpsuit. The suit has been given a pied-de-poule pattern and combines style with absolute comfort. Drawstrings are placed around the sleeves and pant legs, giving the item more shape. Combine the jumpsuit with some cool kicks for the ultimate outfit.

Long Satin Jacket

long satin jack
long satin jack

This satin jacket has an oversized fit and a silky feel. The jacket has been given a dark green colour and the supple material makes the item fall nicely along your body. Around the waist you will find a cord. This makes the silhouette tighter to accentuate the body.

Reversible Fisherman's hat


This double-sided fishing hat is ready for any outfit. The item has a pied-de-poule pattern stitched on one side. The other side has a striped pattern and is made of faux fur. There are also neon green accents on the hat and the IVY PARK logo is stitched on the front.

French Terry Jogging suit (Unisex)

French Terry joggingpak

Then we have this remarkable jogging suit in bright green. The suit has an oversized fit and is made of soft sweat fabric. In addition, the suit is designed on the basis of UNITEFIT. This means that both the hoodie and sweatpants are suitable for all sizes.

adidas x IVY Park French Terry hoodie
adidas IVY PARK
adidas x IVY PARK French Terry Joggingbroek

Oversized Reversible Corduroy Jacket (Unisex)

corduroy jack
adidas IVY PARK

This oversized jacket is made of corduroy and has a warm inner lining made of sherpa material. The jacket is inspired by a basic workwear look and has an oversized fit. In addition, the garment can be worn inside out. This way, you can vary your look in a stylish way.

Corduroy Zipper Trousers (Unisex)

Corduroy zipper broek
adidas IVY PARK

Combine the jacket above with matching trousers. This item is also made of corduroy and has a baggy and relaxed look. The trousers have several pockets and the elastic bands around the ankles give the silhouette more shape.

Oversized Hip bag

oversized IVY PARK heuptas

To give your outfit an extra boost, we have this oversized hip bag in a blue colour scheme. This item has also been given a pied-de-poule pattern and has multiple pockets stitched on the front. The bag has a spacious storage compartment and is also made from durable materials.

Circular Knit Catsuit

circulair cat suit
adidas IVY PARK

Take your look to the next level with this striking catsuit. The suit has a tight and stretchy construction and moves smoothly with your body.


adidas IVY PARK

Our latest favourite pick, is this remarkable duffel bag. The bag can be worn both as a shoulder bag and a backpack, and is completely set in green. The IVY PARK logo is emblazoned several times on the shoulder straps, and the logo can also be found on the sides.

So far our favourite picks from the Hall of IVY PARK collection of adidas. Of course you can find a lot of other cool items on the website. Would you rather scroll through the collection yourself? Click the button below!