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Shop the 5 coolest Birkenstocks at Snipes

September 27, 2021 4:00 PM
Shop the 5 coolest Birkenstocks at Snipes

Besides the popular Birkenstock sandals, the brand is also known for its interesting history. It all started in 1896 when Konrad Birkenstock got the idea to make flexible footbeds. These could easily be slid into the shoes and sandals to give a nice and comfortable feeling.

Since then, the company has grown enormously and Birkenstock has released various models over the years. Now the brand's sandals can also be found at Snipes! To help you find the perfect sandals, we have put together a top 5 of the coolest Birkenstocks at Snipes.

The Birkenstocks from this list are available on the Snipes website and can easily be ordered with one click of a button. Would you rather have a look at the Birkenstock collection on the Snipes website? Then click on the button below.

1. Birkenstock Arizona Grau Sandal

Birkenstock Arizona Grau Sandal

We start the list with the Birkenstock Arizona Grau Sandal. The upper of the sandal is made of grey suede and has gold buckles with the Birkenstock logo printed on it.

Furthermore, the model has a brown midsole and a black outsole. In addition to the colour grey, the sandal is also available in other colours.

top 5 Birkenstocks Snipes

2. Birkenstock Boston BFBC

Birkenstock Boston BFBC

At number two is the Birkenstock Boston BFBC. The clog dresses its upper in black. It is made of suede and has a silver buckle.

The inset of the clog is brown. Furthermore, the outsole of the Birkenstock is black and matches perfectly with its upper.

top 5 Birkenstocks Snipes

3. Birkenstock Arizona SBF Nu

Birkenstock Arizona SBF Nu

The Birkenstock Arizona BF Patent has a pink colour scheme, with silver accents found on the buckles. The sandal has a brown midsole and dips its outsole in a white colour.

The sandal is also available in different colours, which can be found on the Snipes website.

top 5 Birkenstocks Snipes

4. Birkenstock Gizeh NU Oiled

Birkenstock Gizeh NU Oiled

Next we have the Birkenstock Gizeh NU Oiled. The sandal has an upper in the colour beige. On top you will find a silver buckle with the Birkenstock logo printed on it.

The insert of the sandal is brown. Furthermore, the model has a black outsole to complete the colour scheme.

top 5 Birkenstocks Snipes

5. Birkenstock Madrid BF Patent

We close the list with the Birkenstock Madrid BF Patent. The sandal has a brown midsole, which is raised at the back.

There is a blue band over the insert. On top of this is a silver buckle. To complete the Birkenstock, the outsole of the model is completely white.

top 5 Birkenstocks Snipes

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