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Sarah Mensah named President of Jordan Brand

May 29, 2023 10:00 AM
Sarah Mensah named President of Jordan Brand

Nike has announced changes in leadership roles. Sarah Mensah will take over the position President of Jordan Brand from Craig James. With Mensah's appointment, Jordan Brand hopes to continue its growth with consumers through product innovation, serving athletes, strengthening the brand story and greater integration within the company.

Sarah Mensah is making history as the first woman who will be at the head of Jordan Brand. Previously, Sarah held the position of Vice President/GM of Nike North America, where she has led Nike through challenging times since her appointment in 2020. This new move marks not only a victory for women in the sports industry, but also a dynamic game of musical chairs within Nike.

In fact, former President Craig Williams will move to the position of President of Geographies & Marketplace. In addition, Scott Uzzell, currently CEO of Converse, will assume the role of Vice President/GM of Nike North America.

With these shifts, Nike aims to achieve breakthrough innovation, engagement, long-term growth and profitability.

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