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Sneaker Sizing Guide

Know your size: Salomon Sizing Guide

May 30, 2023 2:22 PM
Know your size: Salomon Sizing Guide

Salomon has experienced a huge growth in popularity within the sneaker scene in recent years. Celebrities like Rihanna and Ye have already been spotted wearing sneakers from the French brand. Although Salomon may have been founded in 1947, many sneaker enthusiasts are only now getting their first pair. When purchasing sneakers from a brand you have no prior experience with, one of the first questions that naturally comes to mind is, "How do I choose the right size?" Sneakerjagers is here to help!

Check out the detailed Salomon sizing guide here!

Determine your shoe size

Before you can even make a choice on the size for your new pair of Salomon sneakers, it is important to first determine your own shoe size, especially if you plan on ordering the sneakers online. Here's a brief explanation of how to do this.

Materials for measuring

To determine your shoe size, you will need the following materials:

  • Two sheets of A4 paper
  • A ruler
  • A pencil

How to measure your foot size:

Once you have gathered the materials, you can begin measuring.

Take the A4 paper and the pencil and find a wall against which you can stand upright. Put on the type of socks you prefer to wear with your new pair of sneakers. Place the blank sheet of paper on the floor and position your foot on it, making sure your heels are against the wall.

Once you are confident that you are standing correctly, trace the outline of your foot with the pencil. If you have someone who can do this for you, it will result in a more accurate outline. Once you are satisfied with the outline, measure the distance from the tip of your big toe to your heel. Remember to write down the result.

Repeat this process for the other foot. It is advisable to measure both feet as there can often be differences between them. Take the larger measurement as a reference to determine your shoe size.

To determine the size of your Salomon sneaker, use the Salomon size chart. Note that size charts may vary depending on the silhouette, so always check if the brand provides any information about this in the description.

Salomon size guide

We have compiled the most popular Salomon silhouettes for you, along with information about the sneaker and its fit. Under each photo, you will also find a button in case you want to cop the silhouette right away. Lets look into the Salomon Sizing guide.

Salomon XT-6

One of the most coveted models at Salomon is the XT-6. We first encountered this silhouette in 2013, and it has certainly captured many hearts. In addition to its popularity, the XT-6 is also of high quality and comfortable due to the use of EVA cushioning.

The Salomon XT-6 features a streamlined silhouette, which can make the sneaker feel tight. If you don't prefer that, it is advisable to go half a size up. However, the silhouette generally runs true to size.

Conclusion: True to size.


Salomon ACS Pro

The ACS Pro was introduced in 2021 as an improved version of the original silhouette from the 2000s. The sneaker is named after the technology it utilizes for extra stability called the Agile Chassis System.

For the ACS Pro, it is mentioned that the sneaker is most comfortable when worn in half a size larger.

Conclusion: Half a size larger.

Salomon sizing guide

Salomon XT-Slate Advanced

The XT-Slate features a distinctive mesh upper with a pattern that symbolizes rocky mountains.

The Salomon XT-Slate Advanced is described as true to size.

Conclusion: True to size.

Salomon sizing guide

Salomon XT-4

The Salomon XT-4 is a predecessor of the XT-6, and although the silhouettes are very similar, the fit is slightly different. The XT-4 runs slightly larger than the 6, so it is advisable to buy the sneaker in your own size.

Conclusion: True to size.


Salomon ACS +

The ACS + is a comparable version of the ACS Pro.

In general, the sneaker has a slightly looser fit. You could choose to take this into account and order the Salomon ACS + half a size smaller. If you prefer a loose fit, then purchase the sneaker in your own size.

Conclusion: True to size / half a size smaller.

Salomon sizing guide

Sport silhouettes

Many Salomon models are commonly seen in the streets, although many silhouettes are designed for sports such as hiking or running. Read here everything you need to know about the brand's sport sneakers.


The Cross Hike is a fashionable hiking shoe that provides protection and comfort during hikes.

The width of the shoe is described as standard, so it is recommended to choose your own size.

Conclusion: True to size.


Salomon Supercross 4

The Supercross 4 silhouette is a trail sneaker primarily used for running on paved roads or the track.

The model is designed to provide you with the best support during sports activities. The outsole features deep grooves for extra grip. Although the sneaker is originally intended for running, the silhouette can also be used perfectly as a lifestyle model.

The Supercross has a standard width, and the silhouette easily molds around the foot. It is recommended to choose your standard size.

Conclusion: True to size.

Salomon sizing guide

If you are planning to order a new Salomon sneaker, make sure to use our Salomon sizing guide. If you're interested in more sizing guides, click the button below.