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Salomon brings back XT-6 colorways with 'Recut' pack

January 16, 2023 9:12 AM
Salomon brings back XT-6 colorways with 'Recut' pack

In 2013, Salomon released a silhouette that was and still is a firm favourite with sneakerheads and outdoor enthusiasts alike. In fact, the silhouette was so popular that upon its release, the colorways flew off the shelves. The French footwear brand is giving everyone another chance. A number of popular colorways will return in the Salomon XT-6 'Recut' pack.

The colorways that will return are the 'Monument/Phantom', 'Wren/Kangaroo' and the 'Beluga/Black'. All three pairs feature a classic mesh base with the signature Salomon graphic overlays. In addition, the sneakers feature the well-known toggle lacing system. Finally, the midsole contains EnergyCell ACE cushioning with a Mud Contrapgrip outsole, providing comfort.

The Salomon XT-6 'Recut' pack will start dropping on Thursday, 26 January 2023, at various retailers. For a full list of retailers, click on the buttons! Curious about more sneaker releases? Then check out the Sneakerjagers release calendar!

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