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Sale! Amazing 50% at adidas in the outlet!

June 14, 2020 10:37 AM
Sale! Amazing 50% at adidas in the outlet!

It's time again for the 'End of Season Sale' - yeah - this time at the adidas Outlet! Music to my ears, is that how you guys feel? adidas has come up with a chic campaign for us that includes three sale phases. But one after the other: In this blog post we will introduce you to all these sales, explain what you have to do to get the discount and then give you three sneakers for women and three for men to choose from, which you can get at great prices in the adidas Outlet.


Sale, sale and again sale at adidas:

So, let's take a look at the 'Main Phase': From June 15, 2020 at 07:00 am until July 8, 2020 you can save up to 50% on all outlet products from adidas! You don't need a code or anything like that, you can just go shopping in the adidas Outlet and save money!

After that there will be two more sale phases, which we will present to you under reserve! adidas reserves the right to change this, but as of now it looks like this:

  • From June 19, 2020 at 07:00 am, up to June 21, 2020, you can save 20% on all outlet products in addition to the 50% if you use the code: EXTRA20 at the cash desk.
  • From July 9, 2020 at 07:00 am until July 12th, 2020 all outlet products will be available for half price!

Phew, a lot of numbers! But don't worry! We'll concentrate on the first sale phase and keep you up to date with our Newsblog and the latest news! There you'll get regular blog posts about the sale, where we'll present you the best offers! We go hunting for you!

For those who prefer to go bargain hunting themselves, the button below will take you to the adidas outlet:

But enough of the long speech, now you surely want to see some fancy kicks at low prices! So let's go! And as they say, ladies first:

adidas trend sneakers for women on sale:

The Continental 80:

A highlight right at the beginning! The adidas Continental is not only very popular at the moment, it is also a stylish all-rounder due to its clean style. Retro style of the 80's is the trend here and the soft leather upper makes the sneaker extremely comfortable, I can say that from my own experience!

We have picked out a white classic with pink elements for you. A special feature here is the pattern on the upper. You shouldn't miss this must-have in the outlet! Take a look at the outlet price on June 15, via the picture!


The Ultraboost 19:

Ultraboost, almost everyone knows that by now! The sole technology from adidas is the most editorial the brand with the three stripes ever had has been carrying athletes to their successes for years now and is also a great companion in everyday life. In Josy's blog post you can get an insight into what this technology can do! We have a white model for you today!

Sports shoes often have their price, especially those of this quality. At the adidas Outlet you can strike now and get a really great shoe for little money. What do you get? A comfortable upper without seams, reinforcements in the right places and Ultraboost cushioning for the best possible running feeling. Plus, some of the materials here are recycled. From June 15, 2020 you can get the style here for a low price:


The Nite Jogger:

The first Nite Jogger was released in 1980 and today the retro silhouette is more popular than ever! The look of yesteryear has been revisited with a mesh and nylon upper along with reflective details. And on top of that, you get adidas' Boost technology. Comfortable, stylish, and now extremely affordable!

We have chosen a model in white with gold accents, perfect for the summer! The shoe is not only comfortable and super trendy at the moment, it is also very versatile and can be combined very well! Click on the picture to get to the style and from tomorrow, June 15, you can see what the reduced sneaker will cost you:


Hip adidas sneaker styles for men on sale:

The Superstar:

Okay guys, for you I also have a big highlight! The adidas Superstar should not be missing in any shoe closet, we already know that from hip hop, at least since Run DMC! Here we have a special model in the classic colors black and white.

But the Superstar MG shoe is equipped with a new feature: A raised mud flap on the side that goes all the way up to the upper to protect your shoes even on rainy days or in the dirty club. From June 15, you can get the part here for a reasonable price:


The Swift Run:

You have to have such an all-rounder in your wardrobe and in light grey it goes of course perfectly with many styles. The simple silhouette is very changeable. Inspired by the running styles of the 80s, it also fits in with the retro trend!

And: The sneaker is super comfortable in its features! The Primeknit upper provides a good and comfortable fit on the foot and the EVA midsole makes the comfort perfect.


The ZX Torsion:

Finally we have a model from the ZX family. In the summer of 2020 you wear color and this style is just right for that! Besides, 80s vibes of the popular ZX meet the 90s look of the Torsion X!

The Torsion Bar in the sole combines back and forefoot for an optimal walking experience. Read more about the adidas ZX sneakers and their technology here! You can use the picture to get to the sneaker in the outlet from June 15.


adidas Outlet - that's how you really save money:

Don't worry if you haven't found the right thing for you! In the coming week you will get more and more information and inspiration about the adidas Outlet sale in our Newsblog! So don't hesitate to drop by from time to time, it's worth it. 🙂 Here we have listed all the sale information about the extra discount at a glance and with the button you can go directly to the adidas Outlet:

  • Then from June 19, 2020 at 07:00 am, up to June 21, 2020 you can save 20% on all outlet products in addition to the 50% on all outlet products by using the code: EXTRA20 at the checkout.

  • From July 9, 2020 at 07:00 am up to July 12, 2020 the products from the outlet will all be available for half price!

What else is important to you when it comes to sneakers? Trends? Great colors? Reflective details? Maybe you write us an email and tell us what you are interested in! Because we go hunting for you and find the last adidas ZX 750 in the online shelves ?!

Oh, and speaking of adidas: Maybe you want to improve your skills on the court like David Beckham? We have a selection of adidas football shoes for every type of player! Enough talking! Have a quiet Sunday ?!