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Prada x adidas Superstar - Round 2

September 7, 2020 3:33 PM
Prada x adidas Superstar - Round 2

What's Up Community, Monday again..... you feel me. But this week is starting of really nice, so no need to be sad at all. Tomorrow the new Prada x adidas Superstar collection will drop. The Italian luxury designer is once again working together with the German sporting goods manufacturer and we have all the infos that you need to know about the collaboration.

The most important things are the release infos and that's what we're starting with. On Tuesday September 8th 2020 the Collab releases for a retail price of 450€. In total there will be three different Colorways. The three shoes will not be in stock at any selected retailers; Adidas is releasing the shoes exclusively through their app. There you have until 9:30 am on Tuesday to register for the shoe.

adidas x Prada

These three superstars are not the first collaboration between Prada and adidas. Last year there was a limited edition of the Superstar, limited to 700 pieces, with Prada, as well as a handbag collaboration between the two. If you want to know more about the first cooperation, just check out Stella's blog about it

adidas or Prada shoe ?

At first glance, these shoes look like ordinary adidas Superstars. The silhouette has not been changed at all. After a closer look, however, it becomes apparent that all three Colorways are something very special.

The shoe was not produced by adidas in one of their factories, but by Prada, for Adidas, in Italy and therefore is labeled as "made in Italy". A detail that is also on the shoes. The Prada Superstars are therefore not "made in Indonesia", like normal Superstar sneakers. The shoes are made of full grain calfskin and have extra reinforced seams on the rubber toecap. That the shoe was made together with Prada can be recognized by the quality differences and two little details. On the one hand Prada is silk-screen printed on the side of the shoe with a "made in Italy" stamp right below it. The second point, that shows that the superstar is a Prada x Adidas Original, is the tongue. On the tongue Prada Milano is written right above the adidas originals logo; this is the second detail which shows that this Superstar is special.

The colorways


The first of the three Colorways, except for the Prada details, is an All Black variant. Only the Prada Milano logo and the adidas logo on the tongue, as well as the Prada on the side of the shoe, are in white. Even the "made in Italy" is in black. Hence why it is almost impossible to be seen.


The White/Black Colorway, is almost the complete opposite. The upper is white, but the logos and stripes are black.The Prada Logos are black . The "made in Italy" is this time in white on a white upper and therefore also very difficult to be recognized.


The metallic Silver Colorway has a shiny silver upper with white adidas stripes. The Prada logos are again in black. The "made in Italy" is stamped into the silver, so it is again difficult to see and therefore remains an inconspicuous detail.

adidas x Designer

The collaboration with the Milan-based fashion brand is not the first adidas Collab with an expensive designer. There is currently another collaboration with Stella McCartney. Even before that, the brand with the three stripes already worked with Rick Owens, Raf Simmons and of course Kanye West's Yeezy. With Prada, however, it goes into completely different spheres when it comes to luxury brands, and prices, as seen in the retail price for the shoe. Whether the price for the Prada is ok is a decision that everybody has to make on his/her own.

So that's it for the Prada x adidas Superstar release. For all other upcoming releases check out our release calendar. For more blogs like this one check out our Blog's and Updates.