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Personalise your sneakers with Converse Custom

April 19, 2023 11:54 AM
Personalise your sneakers with Converse Custom

Are you looking for a unique pair of sneakers that perfectly match your style? Then customizing Converse shoes might be something for you! This way you can get your own customized Converse sneaker design.

By doing so, you will have sneakers that no one else has. So keep reading! Today we'll discuss how you can customize your own personalized shoes at Converse.

About Converse By You

Have you ever wanted to step into the shoes of a sneaker designer? By customizing a pair of Converse Chuck sneakers, you get the opportunity to unleash your creativity.

You have the option to choose from various Converse Chuck models, colors, patterns, materials, and even images. Converse By You is not only the finishing touch to your unique look, but you can also tell your own story with it.

Converse By You schoenen

The Converse Custom process

Even though the Converse Custom design tool is extremely easy to use, we'd like to take you step by step through the design process!

Step 1: Choose your icon

In the first step, you can choose your favorite silhouette. For example, choose the Chuck Taylor All Star, Chuck 70, or Jack Purcell. You can also choose whether you want a high-top, low-top, platform, or kids shoe.

Step 2: Design your shoes

The most fun step is, of course, designing. Here you can translate your creativity into a unique design.

You can customize the shoe almost entirely. From the inside to the outside, from the stitching to the rubber, and from the logo patch to the laces. In addition, the possibilities are endless. You have a choice of many different colors and materials. You can also add your favorite logo, text, or pattern. So you can make your shoe entirely your own!

Do you want to see what your design looks like while customizing it? You can view your design from different angles while customizing. This way, you can be sure that it looks the way you want it to.

Are you completely satisfied with your own personalized Converse sneakers? Then you can order your customized Converse shoes!

Step 3: Unbox your order

After three to four weeks, you will receive your customized sneakers. Unbox them quickly and show your creativity and story to the world!

In addition, the sneakers will be shipped in One Box. "What is One Box?" It's a shoebox and shipping box in one. It's designed with sustainability in mind and made from 100% recycled materials and fewer fibers than standard shipping methods. It's also very easy to recycle again. This way, Converse contributes to a better world!

Converse One Box
Converse One Box
Converse One Box

Personalized shoes for every occasion

Customized Chucks are not only suitable for a walk outside, but also for parties! Personalize Chucks for your wedding, honeymoon, and all other events you want to celebrate throughout the year.

The design tool for wedding shoes offers various options, including choosing colors, fabrics, and decorations. You can also choose to personalize your shoes with initials and the wedding date. Additionally, you could add 'Mrs.' on one shoe and 'Mr.' on the other to create an extra unique and personal touch.

Finally, you can enjoy extra comfort. You can dance and enjoy this special day without worrying about painful feet!

Glitter Converse schoenen voor een feest
Bruiloftschoenen voor bruiloft

Inspiration from the Converse Custom tool

Would you like some inspiration to get a better idea of what is possible? Check out the Converse By You examples below!

For example, brighten up your outfit with these Custom Chuck Taylor All Star Move Platforms!

The white color is used for the rubber sole and laces. The trendy purple and orange colors are used for the inside, outside, and heel stripe. Additionally, Radiating PU is chosen for the logo patch on the inside.

Converse Personaliseren

Indigo De Souza reflects on her upbringing in the mountains of North Carolina with her 'Familiar Pastures' design.
On her personalized Converse Run Star Hike, we can see the melancholic seasonal changes, rides on yellow school buses, and picturesque pine trees, among other elements.

Customized schoenen van Indigo De Souza

With this Taylor All Star Lift Platform Canvas By You, it's all about the details. After all, this is what completes the design and shows who you are. That's why neutral, light colors are used as a base, and they're contrasted with a personal text and personalized laces for a unique style.

Gepersonaliseerde Converse schoenen

Reemz emphasizes with her sneakers how important it is to value your roots in times like these. These are special elements that make you who you are. For example, we see a beautiful color palette, inspired by her Palestinian roots, returning in her customized Converse shoes.

Customized schoenen van Neemz

Are you ready to step into the shoes of a real sneaker designer? Don't wait any longer and start customizing your own Converse shoes today. Visit the Converse website and discover all the possibilities!