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Palace and C.P. Company are launching a new collection

December 5, 2023 8:00 PM
Palace and C.P. Company are launching a new collection

Palace and C.P. Company come up with perhaps the collaboration of the year. Back in 2022, the two names came together and released an extensive winter collection. The collab was very successful and now, over a year later, the collaboration gets its sequel. The collection drops on December 8, 2023. Read more here.

British skate brand Palace is once again joining forces with C.P. Company, an Italian fashion label known for their outdoor gear with the well-known 'goggles'. Especially for winter, the two come together again in an extensive collection. The collection is a perfect combination of the streetwear DNA of Palace and the gorpcore look of C.P. Company.

The collection comes with several eye-catching pieces, including the Goggle Jacket, which is made of Kan-D, a monofilament nylon so named because it resembles 1950s cellophane candy wrappers with an extremely transparent texture and shiny surface. The hood features the goggle glasses.

Another item from the capsule collection is the Explorer Jacket, a C.P. Company item made with D.D. Shell Rip-Stop, a thinner uncoated nylon that provides more softness and a more nuanced light-dark effect. The collab effortlessly combines the logos of both brands. The collection also features a variety of accessories and shirts.

The Palace x C.P. Company capsule collection drops on December 8, 2023. Check out images from the collection below. If you want to see more news stories like this, check out the Sneakerjagers news page.