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Palace and adidas radiate calm with their 'PALASTE' collection 🙏

August 16, 2021 4:00 PM
Palace and adidas radiate calm with their 'PALASTE' collection 🙏

Palace Skateboards and adidas Originals are joining forces again for a new collaboration called 'PALASTE'. Previously, the two brands explored the worlds of tennis, golf and sailing. This year the focus is on yoga.

Palace and adidas

In 2018, Palace and adidas launched their first joint sports collection. This collection was focused on tennis. Polos, sweatbands, shorts, tennis skirts and dresses and caps were featured here. This collaboration struck a chord with fans.

In 2020, Palace and adidas dropped two sports collections. One collection focused on golf with golf trousers, shirts, caps and shoes. Later that year, they launched a second collection focused on sailing called 'Sunpal'. Palace and adidas provided all the necessities for sailing with this.

Now we are a year later and still not pandemic-free. The two brands have thought carefully about which sport they want to promote this summer and that is yoga. It is a sport that you mainly do alone and that makes you relax.


The name 'PALASTE' is derived from Namasté. This is a greeting and mudra. The word means 'I bow to you'. This symbol is often used in yoga. It stands for respect.


The 'PALASTE' collection by Palace and adidas contains a whole bunch of items. For the ultimate relaxation, it includes a bathrobe and shorts made of the same terry cloth. These items carry the logos of both brands as well as the three adidas stripes on the side.

palaste white top
palaste rainbow jacket

In the collection you can find several bucket hats that also cover your neck. This is useful against the sun. The bucket hats are available in black and in a colourful variant. In addition, a tracksuit is also being dropped with the same rainbow colours as the bucket hat. The tracksuit consists of a pair of trousers and a jacket with the 'PALASTE' logo on the back.

palaste rainbow hat and jacket
palaste bucket hat

In addition to striking clothing, the tracksuit is also available in black. The collection also includes various graphic t-shirts and hoodies. So you can chill out or play sports in style in the clothing of adidas and Palace.

palaste black
palaste grey

To top it off, Palace and adidas are dropping yoga accessories like a mat, a tote bag and bathing slippers. So you can stand out in your yoga group with exclusive eye-catching items. Take a look below for all the items in this collection.

palaste white jacket with belt
palaste rainbow jacket
palaste black jacket with yingyang
palaste white jacket with lotus flower
palaste rainbow joggers
palaste black joggers
palaste white shorts
palaste black hoodie
palaste grey hoodie
palaste grey t-shirt
palaste whtie t-shirt
palaste black t-shirt
palaste white tank
palaste black tank
palaste towel
palaste rainbow bucket hat
palaste rainbow bucket hat
palaste bag
palaste black bucket hat
palaste black bucket hat
palaste bag
palaste slippers
palaste yingyang slippers
palaste slipper

As you can see on the products, there are two graphics that recur. A yin-yang symbol and a lotus flower. These symbols play a big role in the yoga community.

A yin-yang symbol is the Old Chinese representation of cosmic duality, whereby yin symbolises femininity and yang symbolises masculinity. They are not opposites, but complementary values.

The lotus flower stands for purity and cleanness. The flower grows in swampy water, but there is never any water or mud on the leaves. This flower is in fact self-cleaning.

Palace and adidas have modified the yin-yang symbol to look more like a 'P'.

palaste yingyang
All images by Palace

The Palace x adidas 'PALASTE' collection will be released on Friday, August 13 via the website of Palace at 12:00. The collection will also be available at the adidas CONFIRMED app.

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