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Our Top 5 Vans Sneakers of the month

November 18, 2020 4:39 PM
Our Top 5 Vans Sneakers of the month

What's good Community? No matter if you are a skater, hipster or baller, with cool Vans you can do absolutely nothing wrong. Vans go with almost every outfit and that's why we take a look at the latest and hottest sneaker and show you our Top 5 Vans sneakers of the month.

Vans Old Skool 'Blue/Black'

When you think of the sneakers from Vans, this classic should not be missing. Timeless and still as cool as it was in 1977 when it was first launched as a skate shoe. I think somehow the Old Skool has been in everyone's shoe closet. If not, it is high time. I picked out the Old Skool in Navy for you. The Old Skool in the classic black colorway is also always a good idea.

Vans SK8-Hi Black White

We continue with an absolute classic. It is about the Vans SK8-Hi, which does not have to hide from the Old Skool in the history of vans. The High Top shoe was first released in 1978 and still fits perfectly for the upcoming colder season. The Vans stripe is also a must for the SK8. At that time it was the height that made it special, skaters liked the fact that the shoe went over their ankles because of their frequent injuries.

The SK8 has reinforced toe caps at the front for extra durability. The sole is a Vans classic in the waffle look. Here too, there is the navy colorway as well as the black and white colorway. For me, especially in the black and white version, is a timeless silhouette.

SK8 Vans

Vans SK8-Hi MTE 2.0 DX

Our next Vans sneaker of the month is again about the SK8-Hi, but this time the MTE version celebrates its comeback. In addition to the SK8 High Top classic from just now, Vans has launched a new, completely waterproof version. While the normal SK8 is intended more for the transition months or mild winter, the new 2.0 is intended to be completely weatherproof thanks to the materials used.

For example, it has a new MTE boot tread for better grip. The upper materials used are weatherproof leather and textile. Vans also promises optimum thermal insulation and moisture regulation. The Ultracush insole is designed to provide optimum comfort, even in wet and bad weather.

For anyone who spends a lot of time in the snow, regularly snowboarding or skiing, the shoe is a hot candidate for the shoe collection. The sneaker is available in many different versions, there is something for everyone.


As winter is just around the corner and we just talked about the weatherproof SK8 2.0, I have a waterproof shoe for you again. The Ultrarange EXO MI MTE combines the Vans design with the waterproof features of the MTE series. The processed inner lining will certainly provide you with a comfortable warmth when wearing it.

Optically, Vans has come close to their classics like the Old Skool or the SK-8 with the Ultrarange. The Vans "Jazz" stripe looks clean and does not run with the shoe. The slightly thicker-looking sole can also be seen on the Ultrarange. By the way, the Ultrarange is also available in the low-top version, but this is not part of the MTE series and therefore not waterproof. If you are especially interested in it, please have a look here.

VANS Retro Sport Sk8-mid

Last but not least I have a mid-top sneaker for you. It is the Vans Retro Sport SK8 in the mid version. Currently perfectly fitting for the season and available in four fresh colours.

My favourite colorway of the SK8-Mid is the Bistro Green/Marshmallow and it's the last of our Top 5 sneakers of the month. The white sole fits perfectly with the green retro design. The upper material is made of robust canvas and suede. The rubber sole is back in the familiar waffle look. Convince yourself.

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