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Our top 10 Reebok women's sneakers at Footlocker

October 14, 2021 9:00 AM
Our top 10 Reebok women's sneakers at Footlocker

At Footlocker you'll find a wide selection of stylish Reebok sneakers for women. To help you find the perfect pair, we've put together a top 10 of our best picks at Footlocker.

1. Reebok Club C x Cardi B 'Lilac'

We start our selection with a special pair. In 2020, Cardi B and Reebok released the Club C x Cardi B together. The Club C attracted a lot of attention and has since received a lot of colorways, including the colour purple. Currently the sneaker is on sale and you pay €69.99 instead of €109.99.

Reebok Club C x Cardi B
Image by Reebok
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker
Club C x Cardi B 'Lilac'

2. Reebok Legacy 83

To stay in the purple theme for a while, we also add the Reebok Legacy 83 to the list. The silhouette takes its inspiration from Reebok's running style from the 70s. For example, the kicks carry studs on its outsoles making them perfect for running. The pair is marked down and has gone from €99.99 to €49.99.

Reebok Legacy 83
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

3. Reebok Aztec Princess

Next we have the Reebok Aztec Princess. The sneaker is constructed from textile, leather and mesh. With its white colour scheme and stylish silhouette, these kicks can be worn under any outfit. The shoe has gone from €89.99 to €49.99 in the sale.

Reebok Aztec Princess
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

4. Reebok CL Legacy

With its gold and silver colour scheme, the Reebok CL Legacy is a real eye-catcher. The sneaker has a mesh base and leather overlays. Furthermore, the model has a raised midsole and the elements on the outsoles stick out. In the sale, these kicks went from €99,99 to €49,99.

Reebok CL Legacy
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

5. Reebok Club C Double

To give your everyday outfit an extra boost, we have the Reebok Club C Double. The silhouette wears a black and brown colour scheme and takes its inspiration from tennis shoes. The kicks are on sale from €89.99 to €49.99.

Reebok Club C Double
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

6. Reebok Cardi B Classic Leather

The Club C is not the only pair from the Cardi B and Reebok collaboration. On the Footlocker website, we also find the 'Cardi B Classic Leather' in a red jacket. The pair features translucent accents, a remarkable design and platform soles. These elements are all based on Cardi B's personality. The sneaker is available on the website for €109.99.

Reebok Cardi B Classic Leather
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

7. Reebok Club C Satin

We continue our best picks with the Reebok Club C Satin. As the name suggests, the upper of this remarkable pair is made of satin in a 'Shell Purple' colorway. Furthermore, the sneaker wears a white midsole and outsole. The model can be found on Footlocker's site for €89.99.

Reebok Club C Satin
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

8. Reebok Alter The Icons

Another Reebok pair on the Footlocker website, is the Alter The Icons. The model comes dressed in different shades of pink. With its unique design and remarkable soles, these kicks have a stylish look. The pair is sharply discounted from €99.99 to €49.99 due to the sale.

Reebok Alter The Icons
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

9. Reebok Daytona DMX

For the sporty types among us, we have the Reebok Daytona DMX. The pair is constructed from mesh and leather. With its simple colour scheme and clean design, the model receives a sporty look. This pair is also in the sale and is discounted from €119,99 to €59,99.

Reebok Daytona DMX
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

10. Reebok x Gigi Hadid Aztrek

We conclude our top 10 best Reebok women's sneakers with the Reebok x Gigi Hadid Aztrek. Teamed up with model Gigi Hadid, the sneaker was released in 2019. Now the pair is available at Footlocker in a black and yellow colour scheme. The pair is priced at €119.99 and is also available in two other colorways.

Reebok x Gigi Hadid Aztrek
Image by Gigi Hadid
Reebok dames sneakers Footlocker

These were our top 10 best Reebok women sneakers at Footlocker. If you don't find anything you like, you can of course find many more Reebok sneakers on Footlocker's website.

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