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Our top 10 picks from the ABOUT YOU x Mogli collection

October 2, 2021 9:00 AM
Our top 10 picks from the ABOUT YOU x Mogli collection

On the ABOUT YOU website you can find the best items for every occasion. There are also a number of inspirational stories to help you find the perfect outfits. One of them is the story of Berlin-based singer-songwriter Mogli. Here the artist shows how she puts together her daily outfits with an extra touch.

Image by ABOUT YOU
Image by ABOUT YOU

Mogli started writing songs from a young age. Together with her partner and filmmaker Felix Starck, the artist converted an old school bus into a mobile loft and travelled across North America for a year in 2016. She wrote three songs for Starck's first film 'Pedal the World'. The artist later released her debut album called 'Wanderer' in 2017.

Especially for you we have compiled a list of the best picks from the ABOUT YOU x Mogli story. Would you rather scroll through the story yourself? Click on the button below:

1. 'Florence' Cardigan

'Florence' cardigan

We begin our selection with a knitted cardigan. The garment is made from wool and carries a white colour scheme. Furthermore, the item features brown buttons and a lowered collar.

This cardigan is also available in black.

2. 'Caya' Jeans

Next we have the 'Caya' jeans. With its loose fit and black colour scheme, the jeans can be worn for any occasion. The trouser legs fall just over the ankles, giving the jeans a stylish look.

caya jeans

3. 'Ria' Sweatshirt

'Ria' sweatshirt

The 'Ria' sweatshirt is made entirely of cotton and comes dipped in a dark red shade. Furthermore, the item contains a round neck and a stretchy bottom part.

4. 'Rylie' Trousers

To match with the sweatshirt above, we have the 'Rylie' trousers. The item is a high waist model and has the same red colour scheme as the 'Ria' sweatshirt.

rylie trousers

5. 'Freya' Jumper

'Freya' jumper

Especially for the colder days, we add the 'Freya' jumper to our best picks. The item is dark grey and features a knitted pattern.

6. 'Sally' Leggings

The 'Sally' leggings are completely black and are easy to combine with multiple pieces of clothing. Furthermore, the leggings have wide legs and fall just over the ankles.

sally leggings

7. 'Melisa' Blazer

'Melisa' Blazer

The stylish 'Melisa' blazer is beige in colour. Furthermore, the garment comes with matching buttons that can be found on the front.

8. 'Liz' Dress

Also featured is the 'Liz' dress from Mogli's story. The garment has a dark red colour scheme and is sheer. Furthermore, the model has long sleeves and the dress falls over the knees.

liz dress

9. 'Nia' Jumper

'Nia' jumper

To stay warm during the winter days, we have the 'Nia' jumper. The garment is completely black with a raised collar. On the collar you will find a silver zip.

10. 'Frida' Trousers

We round off the list of our best picks from the ABOUT YOU x Mogli story with the 'Frida' trousers. The item is dark green and is finished off with black stripes found across the garment.

about you frida trousers

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