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Our top 10 favorite items from the Vans skate collection

September 29, 2021 9:00 AM
Our top 10 favorite items from the Vans skate collection

In the 1950s, skateboarding emerged from surf culture. The four-wheeled object was developed by surfers who wanted to dry-surf. The surfers added skate wheels under a wooden board and brought their surfing skills to the pavements.

Slowly but surely, a subculture of skaters began to emerge. Because of the rugged upper and Vulc outsole, Vans shoes became especially popular among skateboarders and BMX-ers. Because of this, the brand got more and more name recognition, and the sneakers were spotted all over California.

The brand became increasingly involved in the skate community and later added a skateboard to its logo. Vans sponsored various skate and BMX events and opened its own skate park in 1998. On the Vans website you can find the complete skate collection.

Image via Vans

To celebrate the rich history of the skateboard and Vans, we have put together a top 10 of the coolest items from the Vans Skate collection, especially for our skaters. The items from this list are available on the Vans website. Would you rather scroll through the Vans Skate collection and website yourself? Then click on the buttons below.

1. Sk8-Hi


On the tongue you can find a white tag, on which the Vans logo is printed in red. Furthermore, the shoe contains a white midsole and a brown outsole.

We start the list with the classic Sk8-Hi. The high top sneaker has a black upper made of suede. White laces are found across the tongue and match perfectly with the Vans stripe on the middle panel.

2. Vans x Rassvet Station Jacket

Vans x Rassvet Station Jacket

However, the jacket comes with a nice surprise! The garment can also be worn inside out. The jacket changes from a dark blue colour to the popular black and white checkered print. On the chest is a black Vans tag.

To look as stylish as possible on the skate track, we have the Vans x Rassvet Station Jacket. The jacket is made of denim, with the Vans logo in white on the chest. On the back is a cool print. On the back there is a dragon drawn on a skateboard. Underneath the dragon you can find the Vans logo.

3. Sport Crockett High

Sport Crockett High

Finally, the sneaker has a white midsole and a brown outsole.

Next we have the Sport Crockett High. The sneaker has a leather upper on which light colours can be found. The base of the model is white. The overlays on the mudguard, heel and around the laces are off-white. The stripe on the middle panel is green and completes the colour scheme of the Vans.

4. Milford Beanie

Milford Beanie

The beanie is also available in other colours.

Sometimes it can be chilly on the streets. That's why we're adding the Milford Beanie to the list. The beanie is bordeaux red with a white Vans tag on the front.

5. Vans x Spongebob Skull Pullover Hoody

Vans x Spongebob Skull Pullover Hoody

On the back of the hoodie is a nice design. On the design is a yellow skull. From the mouth of the skull, the yellow character Spongebob can be found. At the bottom, "Vans off the wall" is written in yellow.

In collaboration with Mike Gigliotti, the brand released the Vans x Spongebob Skull Pullover Hoody. The garment is completely black, with the Vans and Spongebob logo in yellow on the chest. Yellow chains are drawn on the sleeves.

6. Vans old Skool

Furthermore the model has a white midsole and a brown outsole. On the midsole you can find a red Vans box.

We bring you another classic with the Vans Old Skool. The base of the sneaker is light blue, with dark blue overlays around the laces and on the heel. The toebox of this silhouette is dark blue as well. The stripe on the middle panel is white and matches perfectly with the laces on the tongue.

7. Vans x Rasset Sports Bag

Vans x Rasset sporttas

On the side of the bag you can find the Vans logo in white. The inside of the item comes dressed in the black and white checkered print of the skate brand.

With the Vans x Rasset sports bag, you can tote about your belongings in style. The bag has a white base on which black elements are placed.

The bottom and sides of the bag are coloured black. The shoulder straps and handle also come in black.

8. Skate Half Cab Shoes

Skate Half Cab Schoenen

Furthermore, the Half Cab tag can be found on the centre panel and on the tongue. Finally, the model has a white midsole and a brown outsole.

We also add the Skate Half Cab Shoes to the list. The sneaker has a brown base. It has black overlays on the mudguard, the heel and around the laces. The tongue of the model is black and has brown laces.

9. Deppster II Web Belt

Deppster II Web Riem

The belt also has a dark grey buckle. On this buckle, the Vans logo is branded in white.

While skating, it is of course important that your trousers are secure. The Deppster Web Belt has the well known checkered print of Vans, these come in the colours black and grey.

10. Skate Sk8-Hi Decon

Skate Sk8-Hi Decon

Furthermore, the sneaker has a black midsole. On it is written "xoxoxo". To complete the pair, the outer sole is brown.

We close the list with a special pair. The Skate Sk8-Hi Decon has a panther print upper. The toebox, laces and heel are black. The stripe on the middle panel is black as well and matches the upper.

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