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Our Karl Kani Styling Inspiration at Snipes

December 22, 2021 4:00 PM
Our Karl Kani Styling Inspiration at Snipes

Dear community, today our focus is on the streetwear brand Karl Kani. We've picked out a few of our favourite Karl Kani outfits that you can get your hands on at Snipes.

In addition, you can take part in a prize draw until 31 December 2021, as Snipes is giving away a stylish Karl Kani outfit or piece of your choice, as well as a voucher for the Snipes online shop worth €50. You can enter the competition directly via the button.

The Brand Karl Kani at Snipes

The Karl Kani brand was founded by Carl Williams in 1989 and quickly established itself in the hip hop scene. Especially the hoodies and shirts enjoyed great popularity and rappers like Tupac or Biggie Smalls were often spotted wearing the brand.

Even today, Karl Kani is still a big name in the street style game. The items often stand out with their characteristic logo. At Snipes, you'll find a wide selection for both women and men. But more on that now, with our Karl Kani styling inspirations. Maybe there's something for you too. Have fun!

Karl Kani styling for her

Outfit 1

This Karl Kani head-to-toe outfit is a casual lifestyle look that you can choose to wear to uni, school or out on the town to meet friends.

Karl Kani T-Shirt
Blurry Retro Logo OS Tee
Flared Leggings
Signature Washed Flared Leggings
Teddy Jacket
Chest Signature Teddy Jacket

Outfit 2

The second Karl Kani outfit is great for rainy or cold days when you might want to be cosy but still look stylish.

Karl Kani Crop Top
Karl Kani Leggings
Retro Slit Rib Leggings
Karl Kani Fake Fur Jacket
Originals Fake Fur Jacket
Signature Tie Dye Fisherman Beanie

Karl Kani Styling for Him

Outfit 1

This Karl Kani styling for him is also a very relaxed look for cosy days.

Karl Kani Sweatpants
Retro Washed Sweatpants
Karl Kani Weste
OG Paisley Corduroy Puffer Vest

Outfit 2

This look combines some simple and some eye-catching pieces. It's also perfect for a stroll around town or meeting up with friends, and the paisley-print jacket is the latest eye-catcher.

Karl Kani Pants
Retro Baggy Denim Pants
Karl Kani Hoodie
Small Signature Corduroy Hoodie
Puffer Jacket
KK Retro Paisley Corduroy Puffer Jacket
Karl Kani Bucket Hat
Signature Tiedye Bucket Hat

That's it for today with our Karl Kani outfit inspirations for you. We hope that there was something for you! Click on the button to go directly to the Karl Kani offer at Snipes and get your own impression!