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Our favourite adidas Retro Style Icons

January 30, 2022 3:10 PM
Our favourite adidas Retro Style Icons

adidas has a lot of Retro Style Icons in their collection. Retro sneakers are becoming more and more popular and these silhouettes are not to be missed in your own shoe collection. We have made a list of our favourite Retro Styles. Check it out:

1. adidas Originals Gazelle | BB5476

The Gazelle silhouette by adidas Originals was first released in 1991. The pair has an upper made of suede and leather details like the three adidas stripes, heeltab and tongue. On the side it says 'Gazelle' in golden letters.

The Gazelle costs €95,00.

adidas Originals Gazelle

2. adidas Originals Retropy E5 | H03075

The adidas Originals Retropy E5 has an upper made of suede and nylon. This pair has a light colour scheme and uses white and neutral colours. The sneaker was originally a running shoe.

The price of the Retropy E5 is €120,00.

Originals Retropy E5

3. adidas Originals USA 84 | GW0580

The adidas Originals USA 84 is the running shoe from the eighties. Many great runners wore it during important races. So one thing is for sure, the sneaker is very comfortable.

The USA 84 costs €80,00.

adidas Originals USA 84

4. adidas Originals Shadowturf | GW3965

The Shadowturf silhouette is a lot more rough and robust than the models mentioned above. The upper is made of mesh with suede and leather overlays. The shoe is inspired by the style of the zeroes.

The price of the Shadowturf is €130,00.

Originals Shadowturf

5. adidas Originals Retropy P9 | H03086

The adidas Originals Retropy P9 has an upper with camouflage colours. The sneaker combines the style from the eighties and zeroes. These kicks also make use of BOOST technology in the midsole. This provides better cushioning.

The Retropy P9 costs €160,00.

adidas Originals Retropy P9

6. adidas Originals Retropy F2 | GW0507

The Retropy line of adidas also includes the F2. This model looks a bit like the E5, but is different. The sneaker is completely in the style of the 80s and has different materials on the upper. The sole is made of EVA-foam.

The price of the Retropy F2 is €100,00.

Originals Retropy F2

7. adidas Originals Response CL | GZ1561

The adidas Originals Response CL has a real retro look. These kicks have an outdoor look and an upper made of many different materials. The colour scheme consists of many different shades of grey.

The Response CL costs €120,00.

adidas Originals Response CL

8. adidas Originals Samba Vegan | H01878

The Samba silhouette by adidas has been given a Vegan design. The model was originally intended for indoor soccer, but has also become an icon on the street. The upper of this version made from vegan leather and has a toe cap made from vegan suede.

The price of the Samba Vegan is €90,00.

Originals Samba Vegan

9. adidas Originals Gazelle | B41645

The Gazelle silhouette is not only available in black, but also in ten other colours. The red colorway is very popular and also features red branding on the white heeltab and white tongue.

The Gazelle costs €95,00.

adidas Originals Gazelle

10. adidas Originals Retropy E5 | Q47101

We finish off the list of our favourite adidas Retro Style Icons with another colorway of the Retropy E5. The upper of this pair consists of different shades of grey and is easy to match with different outfits.

The price of the Retropy E5 is €120,00.

Originals Retropy E5