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Our Choice Circular Fashion creates a fully sustainable sneaker

November 23, 2020 8:00 AM
Our Choice Circular Fashion creates a fully sustainable sneaker

OUR CHOICE Circular Fashion officially launches its Kickstarter campaign on Monday 23rd November, running through to 11th of January 2021. OUR CHOICE, founded in Sweden and incubated in Luxembourg, is a plastics free, fair, and circular fashion brand that believes sustainability should be accessible to everyone.

The Conception

Co-founder Filip Westerlund says ‘The idea of a circular sneaker came to me when I was cleaning up plastic on the beach in my hometown. It was so sad to see how much plastic there is in the ocean which made me determined to create an alternative that would be environmentally friendly.

After doing some research, I found that 25 billion sneakers are being produced each and every year. Of these, 87% end up in Landfills. Unfortunately, most sneakers are made from plastics and alarmingly, 89% of eco-sneakers on the market are too. So I wanted to make something truly circular, something recyclable and biodegradable as well as 100% plastic free. Something that consumers could wear for years and years to come.

We are excited to launch the campaign and have already seen interest in our product and process from the fashion world.’

What is Circular Fashion?

“Circular” means an entirely neutral carbon footprint. OUR CHOICE is the world’s first circular sneaker that uses only natural and recyclable raw materials for on demand production that reduces carbon emissions.

By using your Circular Sneakers for 5 years, you can save 70 kgs of CO2 emissions! Just by simply by buying one less pair of fast fashion sneakers per year, choosing quality over quantity.

Instead of disposing, consumers can send back their sneakers for a full repair service. They just need to use the same packaging the sneakers were delivered in.

The Circular Sneaker

Our Choice’s footwear are ethically made in the EU under ISO14001. They use top quality Italian vegetable tanned calf leather (sourced as a by-product from the Italian food industry) and 100% natural rubber. Linen fibres make up the insoles, and organic cotton are used to create the laces. The sneakers also 100% plastic and chromium free!

Scandinavian at heart, the sneaker’s design is characterised by natural materials and minimalism with a focus on functionality.

The product’s lifecycle has been measured to approximately 5 years. The best thing is, Our Choice have designed a Circular loop where you can send the sneakers back to them (using the same bag the sneakers were delivered in) for an upgrading including resoling, fresh insoles, laces and polish. And if they can’t be further refurbished? Well they consist out of 100% recyclable materials!

About the Kickstarter Campaign

OUR CHOICE circular sneakers will be available on Kickstarter for the average price of €104, including shipping costs and customs. They are partnered with Together, they work to pick up and recycle ocean plastics to compensate for all CO2 emissions related to production and freights of their sneakers.

Campaign Date: November 23, 2020 - 11th of January 2021

Campaign Page: Click here

Rewards: Starting at 99€

Shipping Countries: Free shipping world-wide

By ordering Circular Sneakers, you are not just helping the planet – you are looking after the people on it.

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