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Noah x Goat 'Mountain Goat' pack with Merrel 1TRL Wilderness Boot

December 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Noah x Goat 'Mountain Goat' pack with Merrel 1TRL Wilderness Boot

Noah and GOAT have collaborated on the 'Mountain Goat' pack. In this collection, several clothing items have been given a weatherproof makeover. You can also find a Merrell 1TRL Wilderness Boot in this pack. The 'Mountain Goat' capsule was dropped at GOAT on 13 December 2021.

The items in the capsule are inspired by the mountaineering outerwear worn in the 1970s. The items have a retro look and combine the colours green, red, brown and yellow ochre. The name 'Mountain Goat' takes its inspiration from the mountain goats that can be found at high altitudes. In addition, the name hints at the sneaker shop GOAT.

Besides various items such as jumpers, jackets, hats and flannels, the two names also come up with a boot. The Merrell 1TRL Wilderniss Boot is a leather boot that is weatherproof. Merrell is an outdoor shop that sells mountaineering equipment. The shop sells hiking boots, outdoor clothing and the 1TRL collection. This collection focuses on mountaineering and the shoes are suitable for all weather conditions.

The 1TRL 'Wilderness' Boot from the Noah x Goat 'Mountain Goat' collection comes in two colorways. The boot has a leather upper and a diagonal stripe on the heel. The stripe is red and dark blue. The 'Green' is petrol green and the 'Tan' is light brown. The lacing eyelets on both pairs are silver and the outer soles are set in black.

The 'Mountain Goat' collection was dropped at Noah's on 13 December. The Merrell 1TRL 'Wilderness' Boot is available exclusively at GOAT.