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Nike Refurbished breathes new life into returned shoes

April 20, 2021 6:30 PM
Nike Refurbished breathes new life into returned shoes

For athletes, it is especially important not to have just any equipment, but the right one. Of course, the right equipment is different for everyone. That's why Nike is now offering a test period of 60 days, during which you can put your shoes through their paces. If you then find that the sneakers are not right for you, you can send them back. From now on, you don't have to feel guilty, because the Swoowsh Brand has a solution: Nike Refurbished.

This is the name of Nike's latest circular consumer offer. Consequently, after a buyer returns their pair of shoes to Nike, they are refurbished by Nike and then resold at a discounted price.

Nike Sneaker

Here's how it works:

After a customer returns a pair of shoes to Nike, eligible kicks are added to the Nike Refurbished range. Each pair is inspected by hand, refurbished and then evaluated. In this way, new life is breathed into three types of returned sneakers:

  • - Like new (maybe worn for a day or two before being returned).
  • - lightly worn (slightly longer)
  • - with cosmetic defects (e.g. a small error).
Nike Refurbished
Step 1: Customers return their shoes.
Nike Refurbished
Step 2: Nike experts inspect and evaluate them.
Nike Refurbished
Step 3: Suitable pairs are cleaned (hygienically) with care.
Step 4: Refurbished shoes return to the stores and are sold for a lower price.

The team uses a range of different products and tools to restore the shoes to as good as new condition as possible. Once they end up back in a Nike store, the price is based on the shoe type and condition grade.

Nike und Nachhaltigkeit

Convenient labels on the boxes make it easy to see what kind of sneaker is inside, the condition level and more. With a simple scan of the QR code on the packaging, you as a customer can then also directly access even more information about Nike Move to Zero.

Nike Refurbished
Nike Refurbished

Even returned products that don't make it to Nike Refurbished have a chance at a second life. For this, the brand worked closely with community partners to donate gently worn shoes. Or, if they're really worn out, they recycle the kicks into their own Nike Grind.

Nike und Nachhaltigkeit

When the time comes and you have to say goodbye to a pair of Nike sneakers, it's easy to do your part to keep them out of landfills. Donate them or choose to recycle them responsibly.

Where, when, how?

At the moment, unfortunately for Europe, Nike Refurbished is only available in 15 US Nike stores at the start. However, the Swoosh Brand wants to expand the offer further and we will of course keep you up to date. In any case, we think it's right to inform you about this, because Nike Refurbished is another example that waste can also be reduced on a grand scale.

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