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Nike and Hyperice design 'massaging' sneaker

June 29, 2024 6:22 AM
Nike and Hyperice design 'massaging' sneaker

Nike is joining forces with Hyperice, an innovative company that designs gear for athletes. From massage devices (guns) to "pants" that use air compression to aid in cooldown - Hyperice is indispensable in the world of sports these days.

Now the brand is joining forces with Nike.

Nike x Hyperice

The duo faced a big challenge; to create wearable technology that would help athletes perform optimally during training and competition. Nike has a lot of expertise in apparel and sneakers, where Hyperice focuses precisely on developing recovery technology. Combine these two forces and you get, right, a "massaging" sneaker.

The Nike x Hyperice boot is a wearable, high-top shoe that offers warmth and dynamic air compression massage. Designed to aid athletes' warm-up and cool-down, the silhouette does so with a unique system that uses dual Normatec air bladders attached to heating elements.

“Recovery is an important part of any athlete’s journey, but we’re hearing from athletes that this concept of ‘pre-covery’ is equally as important,” Tobie Hatfield, Senior Director van Nike Athlete Innovation, said. “The footwear and vest that we’ve developed with Hyperice help get the body ready for activity, whether you’re playing for a title or you’re on your feet a lot at work.”

In addition to the boot, the duo is also coming out with a vest that regulates athletes' body temperature. Both technologies are currently in the testing stages, but have already received positive feedback from athletes such as LeBron James, Tom Kim, and Nafi Thiam.


Check out the official images from the collaboration below. Should you want to read the entire story behind the shoe's technology, click here.