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Nike Air Force 1: The new colorways 'University Red' & 'Black' are coming!

June 25, 2020 1:49 PM
Nike Air Force 1: The new colorways 'University Red' & 'Black' are coming!

Nike Air Force 1. Did that get your attention? Because right now, the silhouette is considered one of the most popular ones ever. No wonder that we get more and more really nice colorways from Nike on the shoe. Today it's all about the new ? Nike Air Force 1 'University Red' ? and also the new ⚫ Nike Air Force 1 'Black' ⚫. Everything you need to know about the release, you can find here:

Release details: The Nike Air Force 1 in the colorway 'University Red', as well as the 'Black' option will celebrate their release this week. On Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 09:00 am it's finally time and you have the chance to cop the sneakers at Nike for €110. You can find out more about the release by clicking on the buttons below: ⬇️

If you are not so sure yet if the sneakers are really to your taste, then you should stay tuned. I'm going to introduce the sneakers one by one and then tell you a little bit about the history and the model of the Nike Air Force 1 in general. Finally I have a great sale offer - so stay tuned! ?

The Nike Air Force 1 'University Red' - red, red, red are all my colors ?

At first sight we get a normal Air Force 1 from Nike. We already know the white leather upper from the popular 'All White' model. But what makes a big difference to this one is the use of the color red. It appears on the Swoosh, on the tongue, on the heel and on the whole sole.

The contrast between the white and the red color makes the sneaker absolutely shining. A nice contrast in color for the summer. Also, don't forget the legendary Air cushioning, which is located in the midsole. It carries you over stick and stone, with best walking feeling and optimal comfort.

For €110 you can treat yourself to the nice style from Saturday. Just click on the picture below to get to the shoe: ⬇️


Are you now unsure which outfit you could best combine with the sneaker? In the end it is of course a matter of taste, but I can give you one or two tips. A simple, tight jeans always works of course - that's mainstream. But if you want to stand out a little from the mainstream, then you can consider combining the sneaker with mom jeans, paperbag or even a summery dress or skirt.

And one more hint from me: If you want the focus of your outfit to be on the shoes, then the rest of your outfit should not be too colorful, but a little more discreet, but still to your taste!

The Nike Air Force 1 'Black' - black, black, black is all I have ⚫

Let's get to the second sneaker in our bunch. Here we actually have the same game as with the previous shoe. Nike delights us with a white leather upper. In contrast to the other AF1, the Swoosh, the heel tab, the logo on the tongue and also the complete sole in black! Black and white - this is simply a legendary style!

The basketball sneaker with Nike Air technology in the sole is a special celebration for you this year. So you can look forward to all the well-known features of this colorway sneaker. Thanks to the simple colorway you can wear the shoe in every season - summer or winter, spring or autumn - the right care is important!

For €110 you can treat yourself to the nice style from Saturday. Just click on the picture below to get to the shoe: ⬇️


We also have a little tip for this simpler colorway in terms of styling for you. Because the shoe is so simple, you can really let off steam with the rest of your outfit. Whether plain colors, bright colors or eye-catching prints - everything is allowed with this sneaker. Even the chilly look with a comfortable jogging pant goes absolutely fit!

I think you will find a suitable outfit for the new kickz! That's it for now with the new sneakers for today. But now I'll continue with some background information about the Nike Air Force 1, which might look familiar to you, but which might also be new to you - I'm curious.

Your #TheCrew background check

Now that I've introduced you to the new Nike Air Force 1 'University Red' and the Nike Air Force 1 'Black', let's take a look behind the scenes of this popular sneaker. The silhouette of the Nike Air Force 1 first appeared on the sneaker market in 1982. An innovative character of this sneaker is the legendary Air cushioning, but also the sporty silhouette.

Bruce Kilgore once designed the sneaker for basketball. After the sneaker caused more and more attention on the court, the hip hop scene also became aware of the shoe. And then what? Well, through the hip hop the sneaker also came into the streatwear scene very quickly and thus also onto the street and on our feet.

Nike Air Force 1
Photo by Sandi Benedicta on Unsplash

You can now wear an AF1 for any occasion. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, and whether you wear it for shopping, walking, going to the pool, sports or birthdays. The sneaker accompanies you every step of the way, making your outfit modern, sporty and also very chic! Of course you can also design your own Air Force, just have a look at this blog post here.

Nike Sale

With Nike you just have the opportunity to save a lot of money! That sounds good, right? What do you need? Nothing, really. No code, no coupon, no invitation. Just go to the website of the sports brand and off you go! Because here you can save up to 50% on selected items. Just the right thing for the savings foxes among you!

Maybe there is a nice sports outfit suitable for your soon to be new Air Force 1? Click on the button below to go directly to the sale at Nike: ⬇️

What's more?

If you're interested in more background information about the Nike Air Force 1, check out Maren's blog post, she has summarized it all for you. All information can be found in our Newsblog, including: Sneaker sales, the best deals, histories and stories, releases, sports and much more!

You can also find many other Nike models in our Sneaker Collection, such as an Air Max. Fortunately, social media makes it easier for us to find new shoes and spread information - why not follow us on Instagram to stay up to date!

Soooo, now I hope you enjoyed the new Nike Air Force 1 'University Red' and also the new Nike Air Force 1 'Black' and I wish you a nice and warm week! Hopefully you can enjoy the nice summer weather a little bit. ?