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Nike Adversity Campaign with celebrities, like ...

May 27, 2020 5:42 PM
Nike Adversity Campaign with celebrities, like ...

Uff, hola dear community have you seen the new Nike Adversity campaign? What not? Then I don't want to hold you back. You can find the video below! We have linked the video twice for you below! Why? For all of you who access our site on your smartphone, we have the Instagram video for you and for all the others who use other devices we have the Nike campaign as YouTube video! Enjoy!

So, how did you like that ad campaign? In times like these, everyone needs a little motivation, don't they? Because that was exactly the goal of this campaign! By the way the narrator's voice for the campaign was LeBron James. The video shows stars like Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Christiano Ronaldo, Naomi Osaka and other athletes!

The video is about 'Adversity' in life that everyone has to go through! As you can see in the video the above mentioned top athletes had to go through these 'Lows' as well. There are not always only 'Highs' and you cannot always be successful! But yes, the video addresses the current situation - the time during the corona virus! If you watch the video again and listen more closely, the following sentence was included 'We're all fighting for something bigger than a win or a championship' and ends with the following statement 'If we've learned anything from sports, no matter how down we might be, we are never too far down to come back!' So the video appeals to everyone! All of us or wait - no, even the whole world plays an important role in this time! So dear community pay attention to your environment!

Where are the shoes?

Since we are a sneaker platform, we have picked out some nice kicks for you for 5 different sports! But wait! It gets even better, because at the moment Nike is running a sale on everything! Yes, you have heard right dear community! With the code 'NIKE30' you get 30% discount on your purchase! What do you want for the sale? Then click on the button below! For all of you who are still here, enjoy our selection!

Basketball: LeBron 17 Low

This LeBron 17 Low has been inspired by LeBron James wild playing style! This shoe not only gives you the wild LeBron style but also scores with its style! For that great combination you will get the shoe with discount for €112/£97.96! All you have to do is click on the picture below!


Football: Mercurial Vapor 13

This nice Nike football shoe with Aerotak Zone technology gives you the extra boost for your next game! The dark blue shoe doesn't only give you the boost but also the style! With this kicks you can definitely score in your next game! The shoe costs you with the discount only €132.63/£117.58! Buy it now!


Golf: Air Jordan V Low

With style to your next golf session! Yes, you heard right, this Air Jordan V is a golf shoe! Actually a funny combination - basketball shoe meets golf lawn - but yes, the shoe looks sleek! You get the Air Jordan for €200/£169.95! Attention dear community, you won't get a discount on this sneaker.


Tennis: NikeCourt Air Max

With the NikeCourt you are ready for the next Gran Slam or something … . The NikeCourt Air Max Vapor Wing Premium with leather and the perforated Swoosh will definitely rock your next outdoor game! And don't forget the Max Air element that cushions every step you take. Like the Air Jordan, the sneaker is also excluded from the sale… but it only costs you €100/£89.95!


Running: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is a remake of a classic. With the upper made of mesh, which is breathable and the Zoom elements … enough arguments! This is the perfect running shoe! Don't you think? You get the sneaker for €64.03/£56.33 less! Just click on the picture below!

That's it from the Nike campaign! If you didn't find what you were looking for, take a look at the Nike page or at our Newsblog! Don't forget the discount code 'NIKE30'!