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New sustainable sneaker brand at Sidestep

January 13, 2023 7:58 PM
New sustainable sneaker brand at Sidestep

There is a new sustainable sneaker brand in the Sidestep range called 'MoEa', which stands for 'Mother Earth'.

This is MoEa ('Mother Earth')

Are you ready for a new generation of sneakers? Then you should definitely check out MoEa - a brand that stands for innovative and vegan sneakers. We're talking apple fibre, pineapple leaves and corn leather.

The European sneaker producer relies on a 100% sustainable and vegan production process. At the same time, the brand produces significantly less CO2 emissions than products from conventional production.

The secret of vegan sneaker production

In the production of the sustainable sneakers, mainly the leftovers of different types of fruit are used, which is also reflected in the colouring of most models.

As a rule, Mother Earth sneakers are made of 54% recycled fruit residues. However, the remaining components continue to use only sustainable elements, from vegan leather to water-based glue.

Good to know

MoEa is not only an official partner of WWF, but also a member of the '1% for the Planet' organisation, which donates 1% of its turnover to support forest conservation.

via MoEa

You can now get the sneakers directly at Sidestep. Here you have a clear selection of Mother Earth sneakers. All you have to do is choose a plant and you're part of the organic sneaker community!

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