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New on eBay: the authenticity check for your sneakers

September 4, 2021 4:00 PM
New on eBay: the authenticity check for your sneakers
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eBay introduces an authenticity check for new and worn sneakers from €100. This positions the resell website in the sneaker industry, protects buyers from fakes and sellers from fraud, and makes it even more interesting for us. Best of all, the whole thing is free of charge for the time being. Join us for a closer look at what's new on eBay.

Echtheitsprüfung bei eBay
Echtheitsprüfung bei eBay

This is how eBay's authenticity check works:

First of all, the advantages you can expect on eBay. It is obvious that you are guaranteed more security when buying and selling sneakers from a sales price of €100. In addition, we can look forward to the cooperation with a team of experts from Sneaker Con.

Once the sneakers have been tested for authenticity, eBay tags them with an NFC authenticity tag that contains all the information about the product.

Echtheitsprüfung bei eBay

Professional review

For the professional review of sneakers, eBay has teamed up with the experts at Sneaker Con. Sneaker Con, as you know, is the world's most important sneaker trade show and offers sellers and visitors a great space to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought-after shoes.

They check each item carefully for packaging, size labels, soles, stitching, logos, heel tabs, laces and more. Then, assuming of course that the kicks are genuine, they tag them with the authenticity tag. Take a closer look at the video of the sneaker authenticity check:

The Expert: inspect new and worn sneakers from a comprehensive brand range for their authenticity. The authenticity check applies to both fixed-price and auction offers.

Secure shipping

Your order will be carefully packed. To make sure you get your new favourite kicks safely, eBay chooses a fast shipping method including tracking for you.

Free service

What's more, you won't incur any additional costs because eBay will cover all the costs of checking the authenticity of your new kicks. But not only the verification is free, also the shipping is on eBay.

Echtheitsprüfung bei eBay

If you want to return an item, it will be checked again and will go through a verified return process within the authenticity check. This is done by sending the return directly to the authenticity checker(s). If your item is unaltered, eBay will return it to the seller and refund your purchase.

What you can buy:

You can use the new eBay programme for both new and used sneakers. You can shop numerous brands, check out which ones belong to them here. You can recognise the articles by a blue tick in the search results and at the top right of the article page.

Products whose offer has been altered according to the specifications do not receive an authenticity check. Altered' means that shoes have been modified and are therefore no longer in their original condition. This includes, for example, shoes with personalised elements or individually artistic treatment.

Echtheitsprüfung bei eBay