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New Balance XC-72 Multicolour releases this week

September 2, 2021 11:00 AM
New Balance XC-72 Multicolour releases this week

The New Balance XC-72 'Multicolor' comes out this week and features different colours. The upcoming pair is a unisex model with a design where quality and detail come together. What makes the model so unique is that the nose has a square shape. The shape of the shoe is in fact inspired by the concept cars from the 70s.

A concept car is a prototype of a new car model and was used to see how the public reacted to a new model before it went into production. Safety and the environment played an increasingly important role in the 1970s. Because of this, the shape of the concept cars was changed until it finally had a square finish, in order to make the car safer.

Image by vroom

New Balance XC-72 Multicolor | 224365

Instead of the usual leather, the upper of the New Balace XC-72 Multicolor is made of chromium-free leather. This is better for the environment and so the model fits perfectly with New Balance's goal of making more sustainable shoes. Furthermore, the silhouette also includes overlays at the toe, heel and laces and are made of suede.

New Balance XC-72 Multicolor 224365

The shoe consists of a colour scheme in which the colours pink, blue, purple, green, orange, white and beige are mixed together. These are distributed throughout the shoe. For example, the toe cap and outsole are split in half and each half is coloured in a different colour.

XC-72 Multicolor
NB XC-72 Multicolor

A dark grey N-logo can be found on the middle lining of the shoe. Around the heel is a rubber accent and the midsole and outsole of the silhouette stick out like a bumper.

The studs on the underside of the outsole are divided into two different shapes. One half has round studs and the other half has triangular studs.

New Balance XC-72 Multicolor

The New Balance XC-72 Multicolor will be released on September 4, 2021. Are you curious which other sneakers will be released soon? Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and download the Sneakerjagers App.


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