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New Balance sneakers for every budget at StockX

December 21, 2021 1:00 PM
New Balance sneakers for every budget at StockX

With the holiday season just around the corner, the New Balance sneakers at StockX are the perfect gifts for family or friends. The New Balance models are available for every budget. From the 550 to the 2002R or collabs with Joe Freshgoods, you'll find NB's versatile pairs at StockX.

New Balance releases 2021

New Balance Aime Leon Dore 2021
Aimé Leon Dore x New Balance 550 l Foto van Aimé Leon Dore

In the past year, New Balance has released a lot of different sneakeres. For example, the 990 model celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2022 and New Balance brought back a number of classics in 2021. Also, collaborations with JJJound, Aimé Leon Dore, Salehe Bemburry and Joe Freshgoods were released and are the perfect gifts for the upcoming holidays. Whether you want to score a sneaker for your uncle or mother-in-law, there is a suitable pair for every budget at StockX.

327 'Timberwolf Nightwatch Green'

The first pair available at StockX is the NB 327 in colorway 'Timberwolf Nightwatch Green'. The 327 made its first appearance in the 70s and has a retro look. The model was designed as a running shoe, but is nowadays a popular lifestyle sneaker. The large N-logo on the middle panel has a striking green colour. The 327 is available in many sizes just above €100.

New Balance 990v5 'Grey'

New Balance 990v5 Grey
Eddie Lee

The New Balance 990 made its debut in 1982 and has been an iconic sneaker ever since. At the time, the model stood out because of its 'expensive' price. The retail price of the shoe was over one hundred euros, which was a lot for a running shoe at the time. This classic 'Grey' colorway makes it the perfect shoe to combine with different outfits. The 990v5 'Grey' is now available at StockX for around €190.

NB 990v3 'Grey'

The 990v3 should not be missed from this list either. In 2012 New Balance released the v3 version of the 990. This model has since been used in collabs with Joe Freshgoods, Kith, and Bodega. The 'Grey' colorway remains a classic and has a timeless design. The model has a retro look and is a must-have in your shoe closet. The price of the 990v3 'Grey' is now around €230.

Aime Leon Dore x NB 550 'White Green'


New Balance P550

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The year 2021 was a good year for the New Balance 550. The model was first released in 1989 but did not immediately catch on with the general public. In 2020, clothing retailer Aimé Leon Dore brought the sneaker back to the market. Since then, the model has received a lot of different colorways, including the 'White Green'. The NB 550 'White Green' now goes for a relatively low price and now is the perfect time to score this pair.

Protection Pack 'Rain Cloud'

New Balance Protection Pack

New Balance's 'Protection Pack' was the stunner of 2021. The sneaker in this pack were given a 'torn' look and came in three different colorways. For an NB model that was not released in a collab, the 'Protection Pack' received a lot of attention.

The 'Rain Cloud' comes in a grey colorway and features the N logo on the centre panel. This pair is the perfect gift for the person who deserves to be put in the limelight a little more this holiday season. The price of the 'Rain Cloud' is around €500, varying by size.

2002R Salehe Bembury 'Peace Be The Journey'

Salehe Bembury New Balance 2002R

The New Balance models in collaboration with Salehe Bembury are also the perfect gifts at StockX. Bembury has released a lot of unique sneakers with New Balance in the past year. Think of the Yurt in colorways 'Grey' and 'Multi'. The 2002R also got a makeover and came NB with the 'Peace Be The Journey' colorway. The shoe takes inspiration from Antelope Canyons in Arizona.

This pair is the perfect gift for those who want to go big this Christmas.

990v3 Joe Freshgoods 'Outside Clothes'

The 'Outside Clothes' in collaboration with Joe Freshgoods takes inspiration from playing outside together. The sneaker has a playful look and combines the colours green, blue and brown. The model was released in September 2021 and was the second silhouette in collaboration with Joe Freshgoods.

New Balance 992 JJJJound 'Green'

Unlike the Salehe Bembury sneakers, the JJJound designs are known for their minimalist looks. So too with the 'Green'. This pair comes in a dark green colour and has an upper of suede. The JJJound logo is printed on the heel and the N-logo on the middle panel. The pair came in limited numbers, which makes it a popular and somewhat expensive sneaker.

992 Joe Freshgoods 'No Emotions Are Emotions'


New Balance M992

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The 'No Emotions Are Emotions' also deserves a spot in this list. This sneaker was the first New Balance shoe Joe Freshgoods worked on in 2019. The design is inspired by the heart and colours different shades of red and pink. This is one of the priciest NB sneakers, but then we have picked gifts for every budget.

All these New Balance models are available at StockX and many more.