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New Balance Must-haves for Summer

August 1, 2023 1:03 PM
New Balance Must-haves for Summer

You're going on holiday soon and still need inspiration for some important must-have things for Summer? Then this article is just the thing for you! We've picked out a few New Balance must-haves for summer 2023 for you below:

New Balance 550's

The New Balance 550 is one of the most popular NB silhouettes right now. Pair your summer outfit with one of these pastel versions. In addition to these orange and light blue models, you can find many other summer-ready 550 models on the New Balance website.

New Balance

New Balance 530s

Even in 2023, 530 sneakers are still very much in demand. Apart from the fact that the original running model is currently very trendy, the sneaker is very comfortable due to its sporty background history. Whether you have a hiking holiday or a city trip planned, the 530s is the right choice for your luggage.

New Balance CT302

If you're looking for a casual-chic sneaker, the New Balance CT302 is the perfect choice. The extra-thick platform sole gives the shoe a distinctive look while providing comfort. Press the button below to choose the red or green colorway.

Fresh Foam MRSHN slides

Unfortunately, it's not always advisable to take your favourite sneakers to the seaside, but you might want to show your love for the world of sneakers anyway. Press the button below to go to the New Balance website to get your hands on one of the popular Fresh Foam Slides.

Essentials Reimagined Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are very popular at the moment, whether you go to the gym or pair them with a fashionable top, you'll have a stylish outfit either way.

NB AT kurze Hose

The NB AT shorts are made from a stretch fabric for a relaxed fit and plenty of freedom of movement. The shorts are also available in a light colour.

Uni-ssentials T-shirt

Complete your outfit with this oversized cotton t-shirt in college style. Great for a nice summer style or a quick outfit for the beach. The shirt is also available in black.


Protect yourself from the sun with this denim cap. The cap not only keeps the sun out of your eyes, but also adds style to your outfit.

Beach essentials

If you're spending a day at the beach, you need a few essentials. Firstly, of course, sunscreen and the right swimwear, but also enough water and a comfortable feeling.

The water bottle from New Balance is made of aluminium, which keeps the water cold for a long time. Of course, you also want to dry yourself off well after a refreshing bath, which works well with the towel.

Both articles are available via the NB Webshop.

These are some New Balance must-haves for summer, but the NB collection is many times bigger. Click the button below to see the full range. For more outfit inspiration, visit our Sneakerjagers Newspage.