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New Balance 'Made in USA' colorways in detail check

August 6, 2023 8:04 PM
New Balance 'Made in USA' colorways in detail check

After New Balance recently added some new colorways to its 'Made in UK' series, the brand is now also introducing new designs to its 'Made in USA' series. We'll show you the 'MADE Seasonal Collection' and with it the releases of the 990v4, 990v6 and the 996 in more detail.

The New Balance 'MADE Seasonal Collection'

Let's have a look on a total of three new colorways that were released in the new 'MADE Seasonal Collection'. These are a 990v4, a 990v6 and a new colorway of the 996.

All three designs have in common that they come in rather neutral and pastel colorways. With beige and pink tones, the looks line up nicely with the current Summer Trend 2023. Quality and good comfort is standard at New Balance, as it is with these new sneakers from the Made Seasonal Collection.

The sneaker look like this, by the way:

All kicks will be available via New Balance and other retailers starting July 27, 2023. You'll need to set aside between €220 and €250 per kick.

Short background story about New Balance

New Balance was founded in 1906 by William J. Riley and was originally called 'New Balance Arch Support Company'. At the beginning, the brand designed orthopedic insoles for better support and also the first running shoes with a wave-shaped sole. New Balance quickly developed into a major player in sports and has become an integral part of street style.

The New Balance 990

In 1982, the brand then dropped the first model of the 990. At that time, the silhouette was released as one of the most expensive shoes on the market. Later, the street style model got several new variants such as the 990v3, 990v4, 990v6 and more.

New Balance

The New Balance 996

Launched in 1988, the New Balance 996 was the first radical successor to the original 990. Its technological features at the time showcased six years of development and a subtle, streamlined exterior design.

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Over time, many special collections have evolved and for over 75 years, New Balance has produced a specific line directly in the United States. This New Balance MADE IN US collection is known for high quality materials and many trendy styles originated here.

Of course, you can find many more trendy sneaker and popular collections at New Balance. Just have a look following the button below:

To make sure you don't miss any more releases, be sure to check out our release calendar. See you there!