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New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Boston Highlights

February 8, 2023 11:12 AM
New Balance Indoor Grand Prix Boston Highlights

The indoor season opened on 4 February 2023 with the annual New Balance Indoor Grand Prix at The Track at New Balance in Boston. The indoor athletics tournament featured various sports from high jump and pole vault to various running distances and hurdles. Athletes came from all over the world to see if they could win one of the prizes.

New Balance Indoor Grand Prix results

A lot happened throughout the event. First came the male high jump in which Tejaswin Shankar was victorious with a height of 2.26 metres. This was followed by a masterful victory from Bridget William in the pole vault. The 26-year-old managed a personal best of 4.77 metres to beat two Olympic champions (Katie Moon and Katerina Stefanidi). 

New Balance Boston Grand Prix

Spanish gold and a win for New Jersey

In the men's 800 metres, Mariano Garcia managed to run a winning time of 1:45.26. With this, the Spaniard managed to take the gold despite a valiant effort by Isaiah Jewett. In the women's, Ajee Wilson managed to beat Kaela Edwards by just under a second in the battle for the gold. 

Tension on the short track

In the women's 60 metres, American Aleia Hobbs managed a narrow win over Mikiah Brisco with a difference of 8 hundredths. In the men's 60 metres, American Noah Lyles also managed a narrow win over runner-up Trayvon Brommel. The tension was high in both finals!

Young talents shine

The under-20s were also present at the tournament. Here, both the women's and men's 1 Mile (1.6 km) runs were held. In the women's event, Sadie Engelhart managed a hard-fought win over Tatum David with only 27 hundredths difference. In the men's under-20s, American Rocky Hansen managed to take the gold over compatriot Connor Burns by almost three seconds. 

Femke Bol takes Dutch gold

The Netherlands also won prizes at the illustrious New Balance tournament. Femke Bol managed to achieve another Dutch success at the New Balance Grand Prix with a thunderous victory in the 500 metres, in which she left 2nd place Leah Anderson in the dust with almost 3 seconds difference. With a time of 1.05.63, Bol managed to set a new women's world record. She was also the first woman to manage to run under 1.06.

All in all, the New Balance Boston Grand Prix was a wonderful way to kick off the indoor season, with lots of young talents showing their best side. The season has only just started, but it looks like it will be an interesting one. 

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