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New Balance: An eventful history

November 2, 2020 8:05 AM
New Balance: An eventful history

We looked at the history of New Balance for you and came across a likeable brand with a strong philosophy. For over 100 years New Balance has stood for movement and community. No matter if in high performance sports or on the streets, New Balance is one of the top brands today, which cannot be ignored in the scene. This year again some of the most popular top sneakers belong to New Balance.

How it all began

The original idea of the founder William Riley was inspired by the foot of a chicken. Yes, you have read correctly, a chicken foot. Based on this model, the aim was to find a way to combine comfort and balance in the best possible way. The aim was to design the shoe completely in line with the wearer's movements and needs. In the 1960s, the owners of New Balance invented the first running shoe with a wave-shaped sole. Sports teams from colleges adopted this shoe into their ranks and a milestone in the history of New Balance was set.

Function and style combined

For years, the sports brand has focused on an athletic design that combines style and functionality. Athleticism is in the foreground in every respect. New Balance has a large assortment for many occasions and many styles. So feel free to click through our partner's selection and find the right shoe for you, whether for everyday use or the next challenge in your favourite sport. To give you a little insight, we present you here a leisure and a sports shoe:

One of the brand's most popular series is the 574 series. A new sneaker from this series is the New Balance 574 Premium Outdoors, here for men. The typical design, starting with the traditional silhouette of the 574, is in this model. The technology of the ENCAP cushioning sole offers support and cushioning with every step. The leather and suede uppers look chic and high quality and the dark blue colour goes with many things. The N on the side of the sneaker, which is well known for the brand, is shown to its best advantage here in blue with a brown border and also sets a visual highlight. On the tongue of the shoe you will find the brand name as a cool name tag attached with a string. For 100€ you get a cool new New Balance 574.

New Balance

A great new running shoe is the Fresh Foam 1080v10. Whether for professional or amateur runners, this shoe looks great and also convinces with its functionality. The shoe has been designed on the basis of data from runners. The upper made of HypoKnit is comfortable and gives the sports shoe besides the great look an optimal hold. The Fresh Foam sole provides good reactivity and stands for comfort. So you get support while running and the energy is well returned. The dynamic suspension supports every step. Here for women in a striking yellow, you make sure that the runners you're leaving behind always keep an eye on your shoe. 170€ and you get a very good running shoe with a self-selectable width.

New Balance

Let's move the world

The philosophy: New Balance is all about community. Here you meet a brand with heart, which tries to produce, design and sell according to its philosophy.

"We are born to move". This quote is on the website of New Balance and it describes well what the brand wants: to inspire people to move! As a sports brand, New Balance wants to help the athletes they equip to develop and achieve their goals. But the sneakers should also encourage movement in everyday life and help their wearers through the day with optimal comfort. New Balance tries to understand and support movement in the best possible way. The brand is also the outfitter of the football club FC Liverpool. A club with tradition, which stands for emotions, solidarity and a great community.

New Balance will first try to create a movement in their own ranks and design and produce great products that will then move the world. On their site you can have a look at a PDF document of more than 100 pages, which describes the history, the philosophy and the production of the sneaker. Even personal letters from the owners is here, describing New Balance and the attitude towards life that goes with it and explaining the brand. It becomes clear that there is more behind New Balance than just the production of good sports shoes.

And what about the environment?

Also in terms of the environment New Balance has its own approaches. Here, a zero waste policy advocates and sustainability plays an important role in production as well as in distribution. New Balance tries to produce less waste and work with recycled materials. Sustainability and efficiency should prevent waste as much as possible.

The brand even runs its own foundation. The New Balance Foundation invests in research, as well as in social and medical programmes to make the world a little better. The focus is on children's health and the aim is to teach and support children about exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

NB background

New Balance sells itself as a very likeable sports brand that proves its heart. Community and other social aspects are very important here. Sport and team spirit, whether in competition or on the road, support and pushed by the brand. We really like the New Balance story and hope to hear more about it in the future. A brand that has much more to offer than just great shoes. But also really good shoes with an athletic look and optimal functionality. Please click through our selection of New Balance Sneakers and find your own style.