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New Balance 530 👟 from running shoe to fashion trainer

May 14, 2021 4:00 PM
New Balance 530 👟 from running shoe to fashion trainer

The famous dad shoe has been on the fashion scene for several years. Within this trend, comfortable walking shoes were transformed into a fashion statement and many female influencers made the trend popular. The New Balance 530 is another key player. The comfortable, somewhat clunky sneaker still forms the basis of many outfits today. But what is the story behind the model?

New Balance running shoe

The NB 530 was released in 1992 and was intended as a performance running sneaker. The shoe was a favourite among many sneaker enthusiasts, due to its simple design. The materials used on the sneaker were suede, leather and mesh. What was unique about the design were the special New Balance technologies that were used. For example, the 530 featured the ENCAP midsole and the ABZORB heel cushioning. In addition, the thick rubber outsole provided extra stability and comfort.

dad shoe
Images by FreshCotton

New Balance's evolving technology

New Balance is always innovating their unique technologies. Below you can see an image of the ABZORB heel cushioning. This component makes use of a special rubber called isoprene. The ENCAP sole is shown on the other image, here you can see that it actually consists of two separate parts. The inner part is the EVA wedge that is built in, giving the sneaker extra cushioning while walking.

abzorb technology
encap sole
Images by New Balance

In the year 2013, New Balance came out with a new Fresh Foam material and this is used today in the newer 530 sneakers. A few years ago, the 530 was re-released in several variations, including the Suede, Summer Waves, Running, Leather Textile, Re-Engineered, Canvas Wax, Vazee and the Deconstructed variant.

Fashion sneaker

Image by NAKED

Nowadays, the comfortable running shoe is not only used during sports, but has become a real fashion item. The sporty sneaker fits the dad shoe trend that started a few years ago. As you can see, the chunky retro sneaker fits this trend perfectly.

In the past, sneakers were only accepted during sports, but in recent years this image has (fortunately) shifted. On the contrary, you can combine extremely sporty sneakers, such as the 530, with neat clothing. These opposites create a striking outfit with which you make a statement. Besides making your outfit look fashionable, the sneakers are also very comfortable to wear.

Naked sneakers
New Balance 530
Images by NAKED

What do you think of the sporty New Balance 530? If you were still in doubt about a pair, you now know that the sneaker is both comfortable and fashionable. Besides, this retro model will remain timeless, since the shoe has been around for years. Check out our range of all available colorways here.

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New Balance 530
Image by NAKED