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Make your own 'Paint Splatter' Sneaker

September 17, 2021 9:00 AM
Make your own 'Paint Splatter' Sneaker

For many collectors and sneakerheads, shoes are a kind of art. Each sneaker has its own look, sometimes designed by famous shoe designers, limited editions and some shoes are even traded like paintings. Today we are also talking about art, so to speak, but not about art in paintings, but about the artistic, eye-catching sneakers mentioned below and how you can create exactly this effect yourself.

Nike and Converse in particular are two companies that have given many of their models a so-called 'paint splatter' colorway.

But how hard is it to reproduce this look yourself? What exactly do I need for it and what do I have to consider?

Custom Nike Air Force 1 'Paint Splatter'
Custom Nike Air Force 1 'Paint Splatter'
Custom Nike Air Force 1 'Paint Splatter'

Let's start by turning a white pair of shoes into a walking work of art.

What do I need for the 'Paint Splatter' method?

🎨 Acrylic paint, various colours

🖌️ Brushes, various sizes

👟 Plain white sneakers

🥛 Thinner (to make the paint smoother)

💧 1 cup water

Acrylic paint is especially good for clothes because it is very stable and solid. The disadvantage is that the paint is thick and if it is applied too thickly, it makes the clothes stiff. That's why we also need the thinner.

Via the pictures in this post you can get the professional colour from our partner Sneaker Essentials via the images in this post.

Angelus Yellow Acrylic Paint

Step One:

Choose a spot where you can safely do your paint splattering without splattering anything else. Now lay out a cloth to catch any excess paint.

Step Two:

Which shoe do you want to customise? Do you want a popular custom Nike Air Force 1 or a creative custom Converse? You're spoilt for choice here. The 'Paint Splatter' look can be done on any sneaker. We recommend using a white shoe, as the artistic look comes out better there.

yellow paint
paintbrush in a hand

Step Three:

Tape off all areas of your clean sneaker that you don't want to splash paint on. For example, the sole or the laces.

Step Four:

Now decide which colours you want on your kicks and dilute them with the thinner. There is no real miracle recipe here. The colour should be relatively liquid, so mix until you feel it's right for you.

Acrylic Paint in hands

Step Five:

Now we can finally get started. So just try different brushes and spraying techniques until you are happy with the result. There is no right or wrong here. Just have fun with your own DIY.

Step Six:

When you have all the colours you want on the shoe, you're done. The process is that easy and now all you have to do is wait for the paint to dry completely. We recommend waiting 2-3 days before putting the shoe on.

The result is an individual, one-of-a-kind sneaker that you have designed yourself. In my opinion, it's a really cool feeling to wear a shoe like that and know that it's your own custom pair.

If you're not the arty type, there are also ready-made paint splatter sneakers that you can buy.

My favourites are the Nike Air Force 1 '07 LV8 'Paint Splatter'. On this sneaker, especially the laces got a lot of paint splatters.

Another pair that I will definitely buy are the 'Paint Splatter' Chuck Taylor All Star High Top. As a great Converse Chuck Taylor fan this is a must-have sneaker in my collection. The colourful stripes and splashes on the white background are simply eye-catching.

Nike 'Paint Splatter' Sneaker

Converse 'Paint Splatter' Sneaker

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