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Lupin Season 2 💎 These are all the sneakers in the hit series

July 2, 2021 4:00 PM
Lupin Season 2 💎 These are all the sneakers in the hit series

Netflix recently released the latest season of the successful master thief. After the success of the first season, many fans were looking forward to the continuation of the adventures of Assane Diop, a character based on the novel Lupin. He is played by France's most popular actor, Omar Sy. As in the first episodes, the master thief wears unusual sneakers with which he turns France upside down. Today we show you the sneakers of the second season 'Lupin'.

Spoiler-Warning: If you haven't seen the series yet, I suggest you do so now. Right now. Then come back and take a closer look at what kicks are in Lupin.

Lots of Nike Heat in the hit series Lupin

Air Jordan 1 Mid 'Yellow Toe'

Diop is still wearing the Nike AJ 1 Mid 'Yellow Toe' in the last episode of the first season, when the family is on their way to the beach. Props were paying attention, because the master thief is also wearing his AJ 1 Mids at the start of the new season. The Yellow Toe of 2019 impresses with a colorblocking of black, yellow and white. Of course, you'll find the typical branding, like the Air Jordan Wings logo or the 'Nike Air' tongue label.

Lupin Serie Sneaker

Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent 'Fearless' | CK5666-100

We also marvelled at these kicks in season 1, but they are now really something special and deserve a reappearance.

The Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent 'Fearless' was, as its name naturally suggests, part of the 'Fearless' collection and is meant to pay homage to Michael Jordan's quote "Limits, like fear, are often just an illusion". The red patent leather is clearly reminiscent of the Bulls, while the back in bright blue refers to the South Carolina Tar Heels.

Air Jordan 1 High OG Patent 'Fearless' | CK5666-100

Classic: Air Force 1

In the second episode, the Nike Air Force 1 briefly appears in a classic colorway. The black Swoosh is a nice contrast to the white upper.


Nike Air Force 1 07

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Air Jordan 1 High 'Shattered Backboard 3.0' | 555088-028

The Air Jordan 1 High 'Shatterd Backboard 3.0' released in 2019 lives up to its name. You can see some cracks and tears all over the patent leather upper, which gives the kicks a skilful vintage look. The colour combination of black and orange with the natural-coloured sole enhances the look.

The design was inspired by none other than - sure enough - Michael Jordan in a game in Trieste, Italy in 1985, when the basketball player smashed the blackboard, hence the name. The colours refer to the shirt Jordan wore in the first half of the game.

Air Jordan 1 High 'Shattered Backboard 3.0' in der Netflix Serie Lupin

Air Force 1 Type White/University Gold

In 2019, they shook up the sneaker world: the first Air Force 1 Type 'N354' in the 'Workshop' look. Further colorways followed, including the 'White/University Gold'. This sneaker also has the lettering 'N354' on the white upper, the Velcro fastener on the heel glows in yellow and the glued seam shines in white. The padded tongue and the overlays on the back hem in gold add a touch of class to the look.

Sneaker in der Erfolgsserie Lupin auf Netflix

Jordan 1 Mid 'Grey Aqua' | 554724-063

This AJ 1 Mid 'Grey Aqua' in Lupin makes an equally elusive appearance. Made from premium tumbled leather and mesh, the pair features a black, grey and turquoise colour scheme. The Wings logo is located on the collar alongside a Jumpman motif embroidered on the tongue. You'll find other classic AJ1 details like a perforated toe box and padded ankles, of course.

Lupin Serie Sneaker Air Jordan 1

And what else?

Besides Diop's hyped sneakers, there are of course more shoes that appear in the French series. For example, Claire, Diop's ex-wife and mother of his son, wears a classic Converse All Star Chuck 70 Hi Black in the flashbacks.

Diop's best friend, on the other hand, relies on the Finnish brand Karhu and the Fusion 2.0 model. Normally, the antiques dealer wears elegant leather shoes, but for his scene as a pickpocket, he needs sporty kicks for his escape. Karhu is not far behind, as this brand also has its origins in running.

Granted, if you pay close attention you'll notice that it's not the 100% identical shoe, but you can still shop these kicks here via the button!

The villain who kidnaps Diop's son on behalf of Pelligrini is the only one wearing Nike besides Diop. The Nike Air Max 270 React Black is an absolutely timeless shoe and provides excellent cushioning thanks to the large, visible Air unit.

'You saw me, but you didn’t look.'

A few weeks ago, the European Football Championship began. On the very same day that Lupin was released on Netflix, namely on 11 June 2021. This is of course a struggle for ratings, but Netflix is smart! Together with some football stars like Toni Kroos, Spaniard Álvaro Morata or FC Barcelona player Jordi Alba, Omar Sy appeared on Instagram as Assane Diop. Have you seen him?


'You saw me, but you didn't look', so the master thief of the series sneaks into our instagram feed. I was so surprised myself because I didn't notice him at first. Also check out Omar's video about it on Instagram.

Lupin: The moral of the story

But the series is not only exciting and charming, it discreetly probes the cracks in the society of the former colonial power France. Arsène Lupin is a character in a novel, just like Sherlock Holmes, and just as the British love their detective, the French adore their gentleman thief.

Therefore, it is almost a triumph of contemporary reinterpretation that Omar Sy's character is based on Arsène Lupin. The series plays with the colonialism debate. This is evident in the series when Diop first steals from an elderly lady when he notices all the kitsch from Africa in her flat or when he poses as a cleaner to steal a necklace that once belonged to Marie Antoinette.

Okay, Diop is a crook, a thief and a liar. But he does all this respectfully to those for whom respect is due. He acts out of his tireless desire to bring justice. He too is confronted with racism and discrimination. Already when his father was framed for the theft of the jewel and no one gives this obviously presented perpetrator another thought, although he vehemently defends his innocence.

He then tries to rent a violin for his childhood sweetheart and later wife, whose violin is destroyed by jealous rivals shortly before an audition. When the violin maker explicitly denies this to a black boy, he steals it. Above all, he excels in charm, he is educated and gives everything for his son, because for him he wants a better future in a fairer France.