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Level up: From Nike SNEAKRS App to Nike SNKRS App

July 3, 2020 3:31 PM
Level up: From Nike SNEAKRS App to Nike SNKRS App

Guys, guys, guys! There's something new that we really want to share with you. And we think you're gonna like it. Have you ever heard of the Nike SNKRS app? No? But you probably have heard of the Nike SNEAKRS App. It's about to be renamed: SNKRS App! Beside the cool new name there are a lot of new features you can't miss! The update will be released on July 07, 2020 so be prepared!

How do I get the new app?

Before you ask, we have explained in a few easy (really easy) steps where you can get the Nike app. If you already have the SNEAKRS app, the steps are simple. Once the update is available, the old app will tell you to download the new SNKRS app. You will get the link and will be guided to the download. Once the app is downloaded (don't worry, it won't take 45 minutes) you can log back in to your account. Accept the privacy and cookie policies, set up notifications and you're good to go!

Nike SNKRS App

What does the Nike SNKRS App do?

Now it's important to know what the app does or why you need it. In advance we can say that we use the app almost daily because we think it's amazing.

One of the main features is of course searching and buying Nike sneakers. Whether you are looking for new Nike Air Force, Nike Air Max or Nike Air Jordans, you will find all those sneakers there. Some shoes are only available here.

The next highlight of the app is the sneaker release calendar. There you can get notifications for every new sneaker release, experience Nike's exclusive raffles and see what will be released in the future. We also have a release calendar where you can find not only Nike but all brands. From there we will bring you to the Nike App so you don't have to go the long way.



Of course there are even more things you can discover on the app. This ultimate source for sneakers gives you cool background information for each style and the story behind the silhouettes and design.

Through the social media and the app you can get advance information that you can't find anywhere else (except maybe at our website ?). Unlock exclusive events and new releases and be at the top of the latest news even before the other sneakerheads.

Finally, you can even book your newest pair of sneakers in the store near you and pick them up personally. Whether it's a Nike Air Max 97 or a Nike Air Force 1st. Discover, buy, pick up. It's that simple. You won't get any more ads displayed!

Nike app

So what more can you offer than background information about the sneakers by Kevin Durant or updates to the Nike sneaker release. Of course Nike has even more apps on the line. For example the Nike Training Club App or the Nike Run Club. You never get bored! If you want to read more about the app press the button below ⬇️⬇️⬇️️

If you want to read more about the different labels and their apps then check out our Sneaker News and read everything from adidas Yeezy to New Balance. There is a lot to discover on our website but also on our social media channels. For example, we have just customized our own Nike Blazer. You can find all about it in this blog post. So, let's go!